Racial Profiling Reports 2015 Racial Profiling Report - Page 26

Amend CSHB 3389 (Senate committee report) as follows: (1) Strike the following SECTIONS of the bill: (A) SECTION 8, adding Section 1701.164, Occupations Code (page 4, lines 61-66); (B) SECTION 24, amending Article 2.132(b), Code of Criminal Procedure (page 8, lines 19-53); (C) SECTION 25, amending Article 2.134(b), Code of Criminal Procedure (page 8, lines 54-64); (D) SECTION 28, providing transition language for the amendments to Articles 2.132(b) and 2.134(b), Code of Criminal Procedure (page 9, lines 40-47). (2) Add the following appropriately numbered SECTIONS to the bill and renumber subsequent SECTIONS of the bill accordingly: SECTION ____. Article 2.132, Code of Criminal Procedure, is amended by amending Subsections (a), (b), (d), and (e) and adding Subsection (g) to read as follows: (a) In this article: (1) "Law enforcement agency" means an agency of the state, or of a county, municipality, or other political subdivision of the state, that employs peace officers who make motor vehicle [traffic] stops in the routine performance of the officers' official duties. (2) "Motor vehicle stop" means an occasion in which a peace officer stops a motor vehicle for an alleged violation of a law or ordinance. (3) "Race or ethnicity" means of a particular descent, including Caucasian, African, Hispanic, Asian, [or] Native American, or Middle Eastern descent. (b) Each law enforcement agency in this state shall adopt a detailed written policy on racial profiling. The policy must: (1) clearly define acts constituting racial profiling; (2) strictly prohibit peace officers employed by the agency from engaging in racial profiling; (3) implement a process by which an individual may file a complaint with the agency if the individual believes that a peace officer employed by the agency has engaged in racial profiling with respect to the individual; (4) provide public education relating to the agency's complaint process; (5) require appropriate corrective action to be taken against a peace officer employed by the agency who, after an investigation, is shown to have engaged in racial profiling in violation of the agency's policy adopted under this article; (6) require collection of information relating to motor vehicle [traffic] stops in which a citation is issued and to arrests made as a result of [resulting from] those [traffic] stops, including information relating to: (A) the race or ethnicity of the individual detained; and (B) whether a search was conducted and, if so,