Racial Profiling Reports 2015 Racial Profiling Report - Page 17

(A) determine the prevalence of racial profiling by peace officers employed by the agency; and (B) examine the disposition of traffic and pedestrian stops made by officers employed by the agency, including searches resulting from the stops; and (2) information relating to each complaint filed with the agency alleging that a peace officer employed by the agency has engaged in racial profiling. (d) A report required under Subsection (b) may not include identifying information about a peace officer who makes a traffic or pedestrian stop or about an individual who is stopped or arrested by a peace officer. This subsection does not affect the reporting of information required under Article 2.133(b)(1). (e) The Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education shall develop guidelines for compiling and reporting information as required by this article. (f) The data collected as a result of the reporting requirements of this article shall not constitute prima facie evidence of racial profiling. Art. 2.135. EXEMPTION FOR AGENCIES USING VIDEO AND AUDIO EQUIPMENT. (a) A peace officer is exempt from the reporting requirement under Article 2.133 and a law enforcement agency is exempt from the compilation, analysis, and reporting requirements under Article 2.134 if: (1) during the calendar year preceding the date that a report under Article 2.134 is required to be submitted: (A) each law enforcement motor vehicle regularly used by an officer employed by the agency to make traffic and pedestrian stops is equipped with video camera and transmitter-activated equipment and each law enforcement motorcycle