Racial Profiling Reports 2015 Racial Profiling Report - Page 15

(e) A report required under Subsection (b)(7) may not include identifying information about a peace officer who makes a traffic stop or about an individual who is stopped or arrested by a peace officer. This subsection does not affect the collection of information as required by a policy under Subsection (b)(6). (f) On the commencement of an investigation by a law enforcement agency of a complaint described by Subsection (b)(3) in which a video or audio recording of the occurrence on which the complaint is based was made, the agency shall promptly provide a copy of the recording to the peace officer who is the subject of the complaint on written request by the officer. Art. 2.133. REPORTS REQUIRED FOR TRAFFIC AND PEDESTRIAN STOPS. (a) In this article: (1) "Race or ethnicity" has the meaning assigned by Article 2.132(a). (2) "Pedestrian stop" means an interaction between a peace officer and an individual who is being detained for the purpose of a criminal investigation in which the individual is not under arrest. (b) A peace officer who stops a motor vehicle for an alleged violation of a law or ordinance regulating traffic or who stops a pedestrian for any suspected offense shall report to the law enforcement agency that employs the officer information relating to the stop, including: (1) a physical description of each person detained as a result of the stop, including: (A) the person's gender; and (B) the person's race or ethnicity, as stated by the person or, if the person does not state the person's race or ethnicity, as determined by the officer to the best of the officer's ability;