RACA Journal June 2016 - Page 90

LocalManufacturing Advantage Air Africa: Service-oriented quality made locally Advantage Air Africa has been in South Africa for over 17 years, now manufacturing most of its HVAC product ranges in-house and offering an unmatched one-day lead time in Gauteng. A bout two years ago, Abri Henning, general manager of the company, was contacted by Advantage Air in Australia to take over the reins of the South African branch. It was at this time that the company embarked on a new strategic approach of supplying and servicing the local and cross-border HVAC markets. The company has sales offices in Durban and Cape Town too with its main manufacturing facility and head office in Johannesburg. Its reach stretches into Africa as well thanks to its loyal customers. 1 2 “The Advantage Air culture is built on service excellence, and understanding a customer’s demand and being able to react to it,” explains Henning, giving one of the many reasons he believes the company is so successful despite a tough economic climate. Products and services Advantage Air offers a diversified product offering to the market – from standard HVAC products to internationally-accla imed, high-end ranges. The company’s diversification lies in that it can supply multiple disciplines in a one-stop-shop. From sheet metal and auxiliary components to aluminium diffusers and air diffusers – even grills and insulated flex. “Time is money (the saying goes) so the less time a contractor can spend on the road acquiring products, the better,” says Henning. “We also believe being able to supply a linear integrated solution to a customer will help them reduce costs, safe time and help them be even more efficient in a very competitive industry.” “Because we run a service-driven manufacturing plant, we make it our business to know what the market needs,” explains Henning. This helps with knowing how much stock to manufacture. Over R20-million has been invested to get the manufacturing model right and Henning is confident that things are perfectly aligned now to offer customers reliability and technical support. As mentioned, if an order is urgent, the Advantage Air team can even offer a one-day lead time – an incredible advantage on overdue projects or where the timelines are strained. “That is why it’s vital to keep strategic product lines; we want to be the most efficient in the country,” says Henning. But it’s not just about money and delivery, “it’s about building strong relationships.” 1. 2. 88 RACA Journal I June 2016 The sheet metal side of the factory. The company can supply multiple disciplines in a one-stopshop. www.hvacronline.co.za