RACA Journal June 2016 - Page 89

Advertorial direct airflow onto individuals in the room. It also ensures fast, even cooling throughout interior settings,” said Park. “It has a very stylish design, so we are receiving a lot of orders from large franchisors like chains of cafés and luxury retailers.” Conventional four-way cassette systems, often used in coffee shops and hospitals, usually require wind deflectors to minimise cold air draughts. The 360 Cassette, on the other hand, eliminates the drawbacks of its predecessors, making a meaningful difference for indoor environments. Although Samsung is something of a late bloomer in the AC market – one that boasts a century-long history – the company is rapidly emerging as an industry leader by applying unmatched technological innovations to its products.  At Milan’s Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2016, the largest HVAC exhibition in Europe, Samsung showcased its innovative AC solutions at work in real-life applications over 800m2 of floor space – the biggest display at the expo – from 15-18 March.  In addition, four of Samsung’s new air conditioning products were recognised for their excellence. Samsung’s 360 Cassette and DVM Chiller were acknowledged for their ‘Efficiency and Innovation Path’, while the DVM S 30HP and eight-pole Inverter were recognised in MCE’s ‘Beyond Class A’ initiative in their respective categories.  “While it has only been about a decade since Samsung started engaging in the VRF AC system business, our buyers believe that our products will be the industry trendsetters,” said Park. “This rings especially true when it comes to our 2016 products, including the 360 Cassette indoor unit and the DVM S, which has the highest capacity in its class.”  Going forward, VRF products will work in tandem with internet of things (IoT) technology to create intelligent AC systems that can deliver precise cooling, heating and ventilation tailored to the needs of people in individual rooms. 2 1. Samsung is equipping its VRF AC products with internetconnectivity features. Included are, from left: the 360 Cassette, the DVM S 30HP and the DVM S Eco. 2. Samsung showcased its new AC range for four different locations – retail businesses, hotels, residential spaces and offices – as well its Smart Home solution at MCE 2016. Through the development of its Smart Vertical Solution, an intelligent AC system, as well as general IoT-ready VRF products, Samsung remains one step ahead as it prepares to develop smart building systems in the near future.  Said Park, “We are hoping to create a growth opportunity in the global commercial AC systems market by applying industry-leading innovation to our products, and combining these with intelligent AC solutions.” RACA For more information, contact africa.dvm@samsung.com 1 www.hvacronline.co.za RACA Journal I June 2016 87