RACA Journal June 2016 - Page 87

Letters to the editor David Bisiker of Frigsmart We could learn a free lesson from New Zealand here. I am old enough to remember using disposables. You were assured of a clean cylinder of virgin refrigerant and that the bottles were recyclable. I hate to think of the number of outdated refillable cylinders with partial amounts of refrigerant with varying degrees of contamination slowly degrading still out in the trade. The numbers would be enormous, just ask any wholesaler how many missing bottles they have written off their inventory over the years. I am currently in Thailand where we sell mostly disposables. Many places that do refill cylinders use low technology where the refilling emissions would be quite high compared to a sophisticated plant in Australia. Also, the wholesale cost of refrigerant in Thailand is around 30% of Australia and R22 can still be purchased wholesale currently for less than AUD700 per kilo in disposables. In saying that, all air conditioning sold from this business and many others is either R410a or R32 despite the lack of regulation compared to Australia. David Bisiker is currently semi-retired although he does have an interest in a small HVACR wholesale business in Bangkok, mainly dealing in refrigerant and spare parts. He has been in the HVACR industry for over 40 years, mostly in Australia. Robbie Hunt, HVAC&R consultant at Aicool (Australia) In New Zealand disposables are still in use, and through good industry stewardship and management, pose little or no threat to the environment. I served on the (now disbanded) refrigerant importers and wholesalers committee in New Zealand (NZ), which conducted extensive research into the two cylinder models, and presented papers to the environment ministry in New Zealand recommending continuation of disposables, resulting in the continuation of disposables in NZ. Furthermore, the refillable model adds significant costs and levels of administration to manage fleets of cylinders/ assets, resulting in steep price increases.  RACA What do you think Should disposables be banned? Let us know. Contact the editor on: ilana@interactmedia.co.za and share your view. www.hvacronline.co.za RACA Journal I June 2016 85