RACA Journal June 2016 - Page 7

News Albany Hotel’s HVAC gets a revamp W hen the time came for Albany Hotel in Durban to replace its dated HVAC system, the client brief clearly indicated that they didn’t want any visible condensers outside. MacLaren Air-conditioning stepped up to the challenge, supplying 80 of their MacLaren Unicon MU40 self-evaporating units – requiring only two core drilled 160mm holes from the inside of the room for each unit, complementing (rather than hindering) the aesthetics of the building. The Albany Hotel previously decommissioned its central plant and was in urgent need of an HVAC upgrade for its rooms. With the MacLaren units being so quick and easy to install, the job was undertaken in January this year and completed only a month later in February 2016. Other than being aesthetically pleasing and modernlooking on the inside, the main feature that made this the right product for the job was the fact that the MU40 doesn’t have any outdoor units and no drain pipe is needed due to the self-evaporative system (SES). All you can see on the outside are the two ventilation holes. All MacLaren units also have a fresh air adjustable vent allowing the amount of fresh air being allowed into the room to be controlled. All units installed were 14 000btu R410A-charged heat pump units with the SES. Thanks to the heat pump functionality, the hotel no longer has a need for any extra auxiliary electric heating elements – a big energy saver. Other benefits include extremely low noise levels on the indoor unit and the fact that units can be easily replaced or taken down for maintenance without any downtime. As the units simply unhook from the wall, a new one can be hooked into place in almost no time at all. Albany Hotel Durban’s general manager, Ahmad Limalia, is very happy with the acquisition of the units for his hotel. RACA A total of 80 of these Dynamica MacLaren units were installed. One of the new MU40 units installed in the Albany Hotel rooms. The refurbished Albany Hotel – note how the ventilation holes of the HVAC units blend in with the aesthetics. RACA Journal I June 2016 5