RACA Journal June 2016 - Page 54

Projects List of professionals Developer Atterbury Architect Espace Quantity surveyor Pentad HVAC contractor Blue Hemisphere Suppliers 52 Air-cooled chillers, generating chilled water or generating ice with on-board primary pumps. Equipped with de-super heaters. 2-off Climaveneta Insulated ice tanks, for ice storage. 10-off Calmac Heat exchanger between ice and chilled water 2-off Ciat Chilled water pumps, duty and standby 2-off KSB Pumps Ice brine pumps, duty and standby 2-off KSB Pumps Full VAV AHUs with economy cycle, one coil for cooling or heating. 9-off Skyshot Fan coil units each with thermostat. 26-off Sinko Air-cooled heat pumps, generating hot water on board primary pumps. De-super heaters on all. 1-off Climaveneta RACA Journal I June 2016 www.hvacronline.co.za