RACA Journal June 2016 - Page 50

Projects Rigging of the chillers. 48 RACA Journal I June 2016 frames, steel and timber. Demolition and construction waste was kept to a minimum. In addition to the HVAC system, an add-on intelligent management system has been installed for efficient management of the building air-conditioning system. The system is user-friendly and operated by touch-screen display. In many areas, the lights have motion sensors, and sanitary installations are fitted with water-saving mechanisms. This air-conditioning system does not consume any water, an item which is highly recognised by both LEED and the Green Building Council of South Africa. We believe that fresh water is a fragile commodity that has to be treated with care, and could in time to come become a critical factor when it comes to air-conditioning system solutions. The additional benefit when cooling towers are not used for heat rejection is that there is no chance for legionella to form. We are very proud that there is not a single electric heater on the air-conditioning system on this entire project. In addition, all the refrigerants on this project were carefully selected to be the Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) R410A with an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of 0, another item which is recognised by Green Building organisations. The ODP provides a measure of the www.hvacronline.co.za