RACA Journal June 2016 - Page 17

Events and Exhibitions The MCE exhibition buildings. winters and they have LP gas, but those people are obsessed with burners. Some of the burners were interesting, like the pallet and wood burners, but the majority of the heating equipment was gas burners with biogas included. There were even some clever systems that used a generator and multi-purpose engine that can run on multiple fuels to create electricity. Some exhibitions showcased artistic hot-row coils/ radiators for houses, which looks very similar to the asbestos ones you used to get, but a lot more ‘new age’ or modern. It is almost as if there is a trend to go back in time to the older antiques. For instance, some exhibitions had the old stoves that used wood as a fuel and made it more modern by using marble (which is probably very expensive). In general, I would say that probably 70% of the exhibitions in the heating section were LP gas burners or wood burners, which means South Africa must start investing in natural gases, like biogas, if we want to stay on track with other countries. My first wish would be to see our country have a vision like the people at the MCE show and my second would be to go again one day, because it was a great experience! I would like to thank my employer Carlo van Wyk for the opportunity. A very interesting solar panel on display. This modern bio-gas burner catches his eye. Provides sets a good example We also had the privilege of meeting with Franco Provenziani from Provides Metalmeccanica. We had a discussion in general about his company, his vision and the revolutionary products he has released, the Compact Spray Evaporator and the Shell and Tune Spray Evaporator. Provenziani has made us very proud and was great to hear that he is from Africa and studied in Cape Town. For me Franco Provides is the perfect example of someone South African and African engineers can look up to, for he has proven his success. RACA Provides stand displaying innovative Compact Spray Evaporator and standard Shell and Tube Spray Evaporator – all with minimum refrigerant charge. www.hvacronline.co.za RACA Journal I June 2016 15