Questions to ask a contractor Questions to ask a contractor

Here are the 10 most essential questions you need to ask a contractor. We still encourage you to read through the whole list of 86 questions here: 1. Are you a licensed contractor? Can you show me your license? 2. Are you insured? Can you show me your proof of insurance? 3. Can you give me a quote or an estimate on how much the job will cost? 4. How experienced are you with a project like this? 5. When can you start with the project and how long do you think it will take? 6. Do you mind if we put your commitment into writing? 7. Will you take care of all the necessary inspections and permits? 8. Does your team clean up the site at the end of each day? What’s the cleanup policy of you subcontractors? 9. Can you provide me with a walkthrough on the different stages of the job? 10.How can I communicate with you and your team if I have concerns while the job is ongoing? ©