Quest Q&A Magazine Issue 4 2016 - Page 97

Vendor Directory 2016 s SOAIS ERP Solutions Inc. Nimish Sanghi 27475 Ferry Road, Suite 146, Warrenville, IL 60555 800.262.2427 SOAIS is a leading enterprise IT solutions provider with a passion for customer satisfaction, technology innovation, and profound industry and business process expertise. It offers a full spectrum of technology solutions in the arena of PeopleSoft, Oracle, Oracle Fusion, and niche technology areas such as mobility. Founded in 2006, SOAIS’s mission has always been to bring cost reduction and innovation that produce a tangible impact on our customer’s business. Its continuous commitment towards excellence has resulted in an ever-increasing list of more than 100 satisfied global clients across several verticals. SOAIS has a global presence in Chicago, Bangalore, Kolkata and Singapore. SOAIS’ US operations are run by its subsidiary Ardent ERP Inc. The company has a dedicated Center of Excellence, a flexible global delivery model and a str ۙXXܙوۙ]\H]YX\\\]\Y\ˈRT\H\\وܘXKXو\Έ[Tٝ ܘXH]X\KY \[ۈ\X][ۜ\[ۈZY]\B\X\و\Έۜ[[[\[Y[][ۜ\ܘY\X[YY\X\\[H[Yܘ][ۂ[\JHو\ΈTK[[X[X[Y[Y[ [X[\][X[Y[Y[ X[YX\[[\X][ۋ\HZ[[\JHو\Έ\XXH[[\Y\‚ٝ\H][Y[[˂؈XܛB LL̈\YY[]Kܛ۝ӈM Q͂˔ٝ\YKB ͌ˎ ‘܈[ܙH[ YX\ٝ\H\Y[ܚ[[[^\][H][Y\X[X[\]HY[[[H]H[]وZ\ٝ\H[\Y[ HY[YHHݚY[HY\\\˜]HY[YKH\\\Y[[X[H\X\[Y[][Z]Y]YX[[ڙX[[\[\\]Y][Y\YۋZ[[ٝ\H][Y[[ٝ\B[\[Y[][ۋH[\[HX[\]HXٙXHܚ[]H[YX[HY[B\^\Y\˂]ٝ\HHXX[^H[Y\ JHٝ\H[[[\Y[^[Z\ٝ\BH\Yۚ[[][[\ܝ[[[Y[[[Yܘ][ۜˈH]H^[]H^\Y[BۙY\[[[[[X[HH[[\[Y[Έ^[H\X\][ۈ T KY[YX[\]BܙX\[ TQH[[\ݙ\YH[ۙ]H\Y\X[\]H[[[X[[[\˂Xو\ΈY\[\\SۙKY\ܛ\X\و\Έۜ[[\ܘY\[\[Y[][ۜ\[H[Yܘ][ۋZ[[’[\JHو\Έ\]YXXHX[Y[Y[ TK[[X[X[Y[Y[ [X[\][X[Y[Y[ \HZ[[\JHو\ΈX[\]BIH8(\YH 8( MM‚