Quest Q&A Magazine Issue 4 2016 - Page 95

Vendor Directory 2016 s Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. Lynn Duffy 4683 Chabot Drive, Suite 380 925.271.0200 SmartERP is a Platinum Level Oracle Partner focusing on innovative add-on solutions and services for EBS, JDE and PeopleSoft with flexible delivery models including public & private Cloud. In addition to solutions such as Employee/Student/Vendor OnBoarding and E-Verify SmartERP consulting services include efficient upgrades including lab upgrade offerings and managed services. With over ten years’ experience in 3rd party tax integrations, SmartERP has deep expertise in developing and implementing tax integrations including Sales and Use Tax for AVALARA AvaTax for EBS/JDE/PeopleSoft. Products of Focus: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World, PeopleSoft, EBusiness Suite, Fusion Applications, Oracle Database, Cloud (Infrastructure, Platform, Applications) Services of Focus: Consulting, Implementation/Upgrades, Managed Services, Software, System Integration, Training Solution Area(s) of Focus: Business Analytics (BI), Financial Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Human Capital Management, OnDemand/Cloud, Manufacturing and Distribution, Security, Supply Chain Industry(s) of Focus: Applicable to All Industries Smartbridge Ross Stevens 2925 Briarpark Dr. Ste 140 877.627.8274 Smartbridge is a full-service business consulting and technology services company helping c Y[XY]B^\[ۘ[\[ˈ\ٙ\[ۘ[[]\\[\]YH[[\[Y[][ۈ\X\B\^\[\؛[\HY\[H\[X[[[Y[وHX\ٝ[][ۈ8$]YK[K\[XKHX[x&\^\\H[HY\XZ]K][Y\^\Y[HX\ٝ[B[\[Y[[\ܘY[[\ܝ[Y\[\\SۙHٝ\K\[\]YHX\YB\\[X[H[\\][\ڙX[Y\[\K[XY[XH][ۜX^[Z^H[\Y\[\Y[ X\[ܙHX]\\\]X\YKK\\˂[Y][ۈY\\X\HX\YHX[HوXH\X\[Y\]YH Y\ܞK\[\[[Y[H [[]X[[\\H[ؚ[]KX\[ܙH]X\YKKڙH[]\ܘYKKXو\ΈY\[\\SۙKY\ܛ \[ۈ\X][ۜ\[ۈZY]\B\X\و\Έۜ[[[\X\[\[Y[][ۋ\ܘY\X[YY\X\ٝ\K\[H[Yܘ][ۋZ[[”][ۈ\XJHو\Έ\]YXXHX[Y[Y[ \[\[[]X JK\Y\[][ۜ\X[Y[Y[ TK[[X[X[Y[Y[ [X[\][X[Y[Y[ ۑ[X[ Y X[YX\[˜[\X][ۋX\]K\HZ[[\JHو\Έ\XXH[[\Y\‚IH8(\YH 8( MMB