Quest Q&A Magazine Issue 4 2016 - Page 85

Vendor Directory 2016 p Phire John Han P.O. Box 9053, McLean, VA 22102 877.845.4668 Phire Architect is an Application Change Management (ACM) solution built using PeopleTools that helps organizations better control and manage changes that are necessary for PeopleSoft and other large enterprise applications. Phire Architect enables PeopleTools object versioning and automates the migrations of Files and Application Designer projects. Phire Architect includes Incident Management and Change Request Tracking modules to offer an integrated change management solution for managing your enterprise applications. Products of Focus: PeopleSoft Services of Focus: Software Solution Area(s) of Focus: Customer Relationship Management, EPM, Financial Management, Security, Supply Chain Industry(s) of Focus: Applicable to All Industries Preferred Strategies Adam Crigger 2425 Porter Street, Suite 20, Soquel, CA 95073 888.232.7337 ext. 404 Preferred Strategies is an organization with the sole focus of providing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World customers with market leading reporting and business intelligence software solutions tailored for their JD Edwards ERP data. To help business users ga [[[YYX]HX\Z\H]KY\Y]YY\\][Y8']ZX][܈Y\'K\ܝ[[[[]X][ۈX[\]ܜ][ٛܛHY\]H[X\[ۈXYB[ܛX][ۋ(]H]ZX][܈Y\8$[\YY\HXY[Y\]H[\ۛY[]X[[YH\XۛX \][ۘ[]HܙK܈\T[XH]H\Z\H\Z[]\Z[B[X[ۈ]B(H]ZX][܈Y\8$X[\]\[\[Y[][ۜوX\] [XY[۝ Y[\ܝ[[[[]Xٝ\H\X][ۜ]XYY[[[\ܝ܈Y\”Y\Y]YY\\ܝH[Z]HوH\X[]Y\\[\Z[ܙYZ[[[ۜ[[܈KXو\ΈY\[\\SۙKY\ܛ\X\و\Έۜ[[[\[Y[][ۋ\ܘY\X[YY\X\ٝ\K\[H[Yܘ][ۋZ[[”][ۈ\XJHو\Έ\[\[[]X JB[\JHو\Έ\XXH[[\Y\‚IH8(\YH 8( M B