Quest Q&A Magazine Issue 4 2016 - Page 6

This is a Great Time to Be a PeopleSoft Customer Innovations and Enhancements Keep Increasing Business Value By Charles Knapp A Q&A with Marc Weintraub, Senior Director, PeopleSoft Applications Development, Oracle Oracle is fully committed to PeopleSoft and PeopleSoft customers, working with customers and Quest to identify and prioritize needs. Learn more in this article about the latest innovations. Q&A met with Marc Weintraub, Senior Director of PeopleSoft, to learn more about: • Modern and Mobile with the Fluid User Interface • Selective Adoption • Cloud and the PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture • Process-Centric, AnalyticsDriven Innovations “This is a great time to be a PeopleSoft customer.” Modern and Mobile with the Fluid User Interface What are the top benefits to organizations and users by deploying the Fluid user interface? The most immediate gain that users will see is an intuitive, simple, more consumer-like user experience. That is important because organizations need to meet the expectations of today’s applications users. They use the latest commercial user experiences outside of work. They expect a comparable user experience at work. Fluid UI is about more than making each page and transaction prettier and easier. With Fluid UI, the user interface 6 Q&A • Issue 4 • 2016 has evolved into an interaction model focused on how users best get to where they are going. about an ongoing cadence of delivering increased business value to one group of business users after another. Rather than “hunt and peck” through traditional menus, the intention instead is to use tiles, guided navigation, searches, and analytics to get users to where they want and need to go. Traditionally, PeopleSoft users viewed white pages with menu bars. That interface is still available, but it is now turned off by default from PeopleTools 8.55 going onward. I have an analogy from the restaurant world. Sometime dishes are served on a “Lazy Susan” turntable. At the table, the offerings are spun around from guest to guest. An individual dish serves one guest after another, eventually delivering seconds where desired. Your IT department can serve up quick-hit projects in manageable sizes, serving one user segment after another. Customers will share their Fluid UI modernization successes at Oracle’s OpenWorld and Quest’s COLLABORATE conferences. PeopleSoft Selective Adoption How should customers adapt their upgrade and rollout plans to take advantage of the Fluid UI? Many of the self-service improvements are about helping casual users. Examples include entering expenses and time, creating requisitions, and issuing approvals. These are targeted uses for narrow process areas. For the organization, these kinds of use cases translate into low hanging fruit to target for initial deployment. That results in quick organization wins and rapid returns on investments. For IT teams, the big change is a shift away from lengthy “one and done” IT projects. The new approach is to plan and launch quick hits. Deliver rapid results to a user segment, and then pivot to deliver similarly rapid results repeatedly to other users. Note that this shift is not the same as deploying continuous software upgrades from Oracle. Rather, it is What are the top recommendations you can offer customers as they develop strategies to adopt upgrades selectively to their PeopleSoft applications, PeopleTools, and Oracle data ͕)QЁѡՕѥq]Ё́%P)ȁ͕́ѕtMх她ɕЁ́ЁͼՍɔ)ͥ́Ё́ͥMѥٔ)ѥٕ́ѡML)͡ѕѡѥѼչ)مѥ́ѕɹѡЁٕȁ)ȁѕȁͥ́э̸Mѥٔ)ѥɕ͕́䁥ѡ)ѕȁѥѥٔѕ)̸9ٕѡ̰ѽ)ɕхѡɽݡЁݡѼ)ٕȰɅѡȁѡ٥ٕȁɥٔ)́Ѽѡ̸ͥ)Mٔ%ѡݽɱ)ѥս́ѥͥ5ɍ(̤ѡЁՍ͙հѽ)͕ٔѥٔѥɅѕ丁e)Ʌѕ́ݥٕȁѽ́Ս)́ݡЁѼݡݡ܁ӊe)չ̸͕́)Qɔ́ͥ锁́ ѽ((0