Quest Q&A Magazine Issue 4 2016 - Page 38

a Vendor Directory 2016 Advisional, LLC Donna Logan 1200 Smith St. Suite 1600 Houston, TX 77002 281.328.3222 Advisional® was established by a team of long-term JD Edwards’ professionals who understand the power and opportunity that JD Edwards can bring to an organization when implemented and configured correctly. These executives have in turn built a team of experienced consultants who not only know EnterpriseOne and World software, but who have intricate business knowledge as well, enabling them to assist your company in successfully implementing best practices. The team at Advisional® also considers that sometimes a solution to a challenge is not more consulting hours or even an ERP change, it can simply be successfully managing the investment you have already made by enhancing the information you have already garnered. By partnering with several best of breed, niche solutions, Advisional® is able to provide the right solution. We look forward to working with your organization and joining our talent with yours. Products of Focus: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World, Fusion Applications, Fusion Middleware Services of Focus: Consulting, Hosting Services, Implementation/Upgrades, Managed Services, Software, System Integration, Training Solution Area(s) of Focus: Asset Lifecycle Management, Business Analytics (BI), Customer Relationship Management, EPM, Financial Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Human Capital Management, OnDemand/Cloud, Manufacturing and Distribution, Security, Supply Chain Industry(s) of Focus: Applicable to All Industries Aellius Christine Greenfield 385 Iverness Pkwy. Ste. 230, Englewood, CO 80112 720.253.0133 Aellius, founded in 1999, provides standards-based software products that extend and enhance JDE EnterpriseOne. LynX Business Integrator has achieved Oracle Validated Integration status and allows customers a seamless interface between user-friendly products like Microsoft Excel and EnterpriseOne (no Z Y[\܈ZYH\JKX]\HX[H[Yܘ][ۜ[[\]\\HXZ[ [[][ۈ\\X[H\]Y[ۙH^K\H\›ۙ[[][ۈ\[YHY[]HۙH]H][ YZHY[]\[ٙ\X][ܙX]H[XX[\\\ˈ[[ۚ]܈[[\\YۈH\\][[\\SۙB]XX[\]YH\[\Y[\\ܚ]X[[]\[\H]Z[]X[H\Y\X^HH\YYܙHH[\][[]Y][ˈ[]]X[Y\ݚY\ۙHXHܙKX[YK\X]K\]K[X\H[[\\SۙH]] \]\[UXH[[]˞[]XKKY[]\[ X\[ܙH]˘Y[]\˘BXو\ΈY\[\\HۙK\ܘXH[Y]Y[\ܘ][ۂ\X\و\Έٝ\K\[\[Yܘ][ۂ][ۈ\XJHو\Έ[[X[X[Y[Y[ X[YX\[[\X][ۋ[][ۈ[X[B\\X\’[\JHو\Έ\XXH[[\Y\‚IH8(\YH 8( M