Quest Q&A Magazine Issue 4 2016 - Page 22

[Advertisement] Cloud and Integration benefits when deploying JD Edwards to other countries Clients rolling-out to Latin America with JD Edwards need a partner with extensive knowledge in the region and offering up-to date integrations. Making roll-out projects quicker and simpler is our goal. – Cecilia Suarez, ITCROSS CEO. How JD Edwards on the Oracle Cloud and Oracle Validated Integrations can help customers accelerate the roll-out projects speed in Latin America. Enterprises around the world are deploying innovative applications with shorter project cycles to be more efficient and cut expenses. Moving with JD Edwards to the Oracle Cloud is part of that path. But, in Latin America, rapidly changing economies and diverse local tax requirements can make it difficult to achieve positive ERP project outcomes. Here, Cecilia Suarez, CEO at ITCROSS, discusses how customers of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can adopt Oracle Validated Integrations developed by ITCROSS to achieve successful ERP projects. customer will be quickly leveraging functionalities and accelerating the speed when doing upgrades and rollout projects. Creating new instances and environments in just hours make the installation really easy to expand. Another big benefit of the PaaS alternative when installing JD Edwards is that you can manage your customizations, you do not lose them. Here is where out Integrations for Latin America fit: they have been validated by Oracle and they assure an upgrade without risks. Q: What is ITCROSS’s formula for providing added value for customers in Latin America? Simplifying. Q: What are the main benefits when implementing JD Edwards on the Oracle Cloud? We believe implementation services also need to be streamlined with the latest product news and specialized, so ITCROSS customers can benefit from faster and less risky ERP implementations as an added value. Nowadays, companies are looking for reducing costs. They also need to be more agile when rolling-out with JD Edwards, the business requires shorter times every day. This is definitely an economic reality in Latin America. The good news is that JD Edwards is a powerful product, with new features that improve user experience and streamline integration, now also offered on the Oracle Cloud. No matter which Cloud model is decided, the JD Edwards Our business focuses on global implementations and we are aware of each countries needs. Empowering the localizations functionality has been one of the ways for us of adding value to customers. We have always sought to provide quality service as part of our brand. Now, for customers in Latin America facing complex projects that involve integrating JD Edwards with other applications, ITCROSS has developed solutions that reduce project timelines and save money. 22 Q&A • Issue 4 • 2016 Q: Which are the main benefits of ITCROSS’s Integrations? • They solve localization gaps in the region in record time and at low cost; • They are all configurable tools that don’t require future maintenance and development hours for the customer; • They take advantage of the newest JD Edwards features generating synergy with standard JD Edwards; they are Oracle Validated Integrations and customers can be assured that our solutions have passed a rigorous process that ensures that applications are reliable, and they follow Oracle development best practices. • They have been validated for JD Edwards 9.2 already, and they are Cloud fully functional. Q: Mexico is one of the biggest markets in Latin America. How does ITCROSS help support customers there? We have a great and unique solution for Mexico that offers all the features that complement JD Edwards from a localization perspective. At the core, the solution features a configurable connector that works with any local e-invoice software. Users simply create an integration file themselves, choosing the data from a universe of JD Edwards tables and fields. They can also create addendums requested