Quest Q&A Magazine Issue 4 2016 - Page 10

Accelerating Growth and provide enhanced visibility into research project finances via the conversion and migration of legacy data into the Oracle PeopleSoft applications. UCFRF Director and Chief Operating Officer Kim Smith said, “Collectively, these (implementation) efforts greatly increased the capabilities of the Research Foundation for managing contracts, grants, projects, producing bills, tracking accounts receivable, and enhancing financial reporting.” One key to ensuring project success was extended, post go-live support for the UCFRF staff, which included on-the-job training of UCFRF accounting personnel by members of Vilsack’s team, temporary staff relocation to enhance training efforts, and hands-on production support for UCFRF’s first three billing cycles. These post go-live, production support strategies were built into the project charter and were instrumental in the quick and successful adoption of the new system by UCFRF users. Kristal Jackson, a systems applications systems analyst programming manager for Finance and Accounting, said, “The dedication and collaboration between the UCFRF and FSS teams throughout the project ensured a smooth and successful transition to the Oracle PeopleSoft Financials system.” These efforts won the project team a Prudential Productivity Award in 2016 for saving a total of $233,000 in software, licensing, maintenance, and consulting fees over the first fiscal year that the project was implemented. Prudential Productivity Awards are presented yearly to honor state employees who work to innovatively reduce costs and improve services for Florida taxpayers. The 28-year program, sponsored by Florida TaxWatch, The Florida Council of 100, and the state of Florida, has rewarded state workers for saving more than 9.2 billion taxpayer dollars. Collectively, these (implementation) efforts greatly increased the capabilities of the Research Foundation... – Kim Smith Learn More Bringing the strength of the Oracle PeopleSoft Financials application to bear in pursuit of one of UCF’s key strategic goals demonstrates how ERP and IT support teams can successfully navigate beyond their typical “servicerelated” boundaries to become true agents of change in any organization. The University of Central Florida continues to grow, striving for international prominence in key programs of graduate study and research as prescribed by UCF President John Hitt’s five visionary goals that guide university decisions and resource allocations. Learn more about the UCFRF Financials project and other FSS team projects. 10 Q&A • Issue 4 • 2016