Quest Q&A Magazine 2 2017 PeopleSoft Edition - Page 44

Resources for the PeopleSoft Community There are many great resources out there for the PeopleSoft user community. Between PeopleSoft Information Development, the PeopleSoft organization, and Quest International Users Group, our partnership provides quality information solutions to help you and your employees succeed. To help manage your business and maximize the value of your software investment, below are a list of resources we feel are important for any PeopleSoft user to know about. Oracle PeopleSoft Resources Visit to access more PeopleSoft resources. PeopleSoft Information Portal The PeopleSoft Information Portal provides you with a single entry point linked to all the PeopleSoft resources that will help with all aspects of your experience with PeopleSoft products, whether that be installation, implementation, or daily use. Customers searching for this information should make this their first online destination. PeopleSoft Cumulative Feature Overview Tool This online tool displays features that have been added between different releases or images. PeopleSoft Planned Features and Enhancements Get a glimpse of new PeopleSoft features and functionality that are planned to be delivered within the next 18 months. PeopleSoft Application Strategy Blog PeopleSoft YouTube Channel PeopleSoft Legislative Updates Blog This blog from the PeopleSoft Strategy Team is dedicated to topics focused on PeopleSoft Applications. Watch award-winning PeopleSoft videos and the popular PeopleSoft Talk Web Series on this video channel. This blog provides information about legislative updates to PeopleSoft Applications. PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page (My Oracle Support) This blog provides information about PeopleSoft Tools and Technology. The home page for all PeopleSoft Update Manager content, information and Update Image files. PeopleSoft Fluid UX Standards This site contains information about using key PeopleSoft functionality to create highly usable, efficient and productive experiences for Oracle customers. 44 Q&A • Issue 2 • 2017 PeopleSoft Technology Blog Campus Solutions Applications Blog This blog provides information about Campus Solutions Applications and Technology. Official PeopleSoft Newsletter Sign up for the one and only official PeopleSoft Newsletter, delivered to your email inbox every month.