Quarterly Newsletters 17/18 Fourth Quarter Newsletter - Page 9

A Glimpse into the 2017 Strategic Planning Meeting

The New Mexico Association of School Business Officials (NMASBO) held its 2018 Planning Meeting in March. There was a lot to celebrate.

However, keep the champagne on ice until I get through the back story.

Since the organization’s inception, its leadership has been contracted to a New Mexico-based association management company. The company’s leader effectively serves as the organization’s executive director as a course of the contracted services provided by the company. With an anticipated retirement of the company’s leader by the end of June, the volunteer NMASBO leadership made a commitment to hire a full time executive director and make some other staffing updates.

During the 2015 Strategic Planning Meeting, the Board of Directors memorialized a process to identify key elements of the leadership transition. In 2016, the Board of Directors approved a general approach and transition timeline. Earlier this year, the Board of Directors extended an employment offer to it first full time executive director.

As we wrapped up this weekend’s retreat, I can report that the success"ion" process developed three years ago was followed and completed with great success.

Reflecting on the weekend, the results of the 2018 planning session are captured by these three phrases: celebrating success, closing the loop and charting a forward-looking path.

Celebrating success is seen in the full execution of the “success”ion plan to hire an executive director. The new position was a result of the organization becoming more relevant among public education leaders. At one point, the organization was staffed entirely by contractors. Increasing the value to its members created a need for a full time staff. The Board of Directors decided that the organizational success of its contracted executive director needed to be transitioned into a full-time staff position. This resulted in a multi-step process to develop a job description, conduct a search and transition a

new leader without compromising the organization's member-centric focus. It was a a sucessful process.

As we wrapped up...I can report that the success"ion" process developed 3 years ago was followed and completed with great success.

Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group Public Relations and NMASBO meeting facilitator

In 2016, the Board of Directors tackled constitution and bylaw updates while continuing its focus on an aggressive set of goals designed to established standard operating procedures. The focus on establishing process driven deliverables continued through the following year.

In 2018, with standard operating procedures in place, the board was successful in closing the loop.

The NMASBO forward-looking path is lined with a refined set of goals for the board of directors and a tasking for staff to update and benchmark its processes with like minded organizations. The board acknowledged which goals needed to continue and which goals could be retired due to the establishment of standardized processes.

Now, about that champagne…