Quarterly Newsletters 17/18 Fourth Quarter Newsletter - Page 2

Randy Evans

NMASBO is the recognized leader in school business management and the trusted expert in quality professional development and information resource for school business in New Mexico.

during the past few years are:

(1) We have consistently set records for attendance at our conferences; (2) We have made our social responsibility campaigns a regular part of NMASBO; (3) We continue to expand the opportunities for the membership to volunteer and get involved in the association; and (4) We have brought in outstanding keynote speakers and workshop presenters for our conferences. I believe the organization is poised to continue the great work already being done.

Since this is my last article as President, I want to express my sincere thanks to all of you for your support and participation these past two years. NMASBO looks forward to the future with new leadership and improving on its mission, “To lead the New Mexico school business profession by providing quality professional development opportunities and a network of support.” Thank you again and God bless.


President's Message

In May of 2016, our esteemed leader delivered the news to us that he would be retiring in June of 2018. We knew right then we would have some huge shoes to fill to keep our organization on the success track that we had seen over the last 14 years. The advance notice was great; however, we would need to put together a succession plan right away.

Now, it is May of 2018 and with the great work of the board, we have administered the succession plan and have our new executive director set to take the reins June 1. It has been my honor and privilege to be a part of this organization for over 20 years and to serve on the board for over 15 years. As I look back over my term as president, it seems the focus was on hiring our new executive director. However, many other things have been accomplished that we can all be proud of and continue to build upon.

Some of the noteworthy advancements we have made