Quarterly Newsletters 17/18 Fourth Quarter Newsletter - Page 11

The Next Chapter: New ED & New President

Claire Cieremans

Change is never easy. A changing of the guard at the head of NMASBO will be met with challenges and opportunities. Joey will be dearly missed, and we wish him all the best on his retirement. Starting fresh, I am excited to work with our new Executive Director, Mr. Terry Dean and I am looking forward to leading this great organization and continuing the hard work that our organization has set in place. Please be patient with us as we get ready to hit the ground running.

Before I begin to outline our 2018 Strategic plans for our committees and their goals, I would like to take this time to sincerely thank Mr. Randy Evans, for his outstanding role as NMASBO President for the past two years. When I think of Randy and the legacy he will leave NMASBO, the words “Servant Leader” fill my thoughts. He is a great example of true ethical leadership. I am a better person to have known and worked closely with him and I am happy he is still within arm’s reach to assist me during my presidency over the next two years.

Many of you know NMASBO Board members meet annually to set out our goals for the Association and its future. Reflecting on the weekend, the results of the 2018 Strategic Planning session are captured by these three phrases: celebrating success, closing the loop, and charting a forward-looking path for our membership.

The success comes from a yearlong process to hire a new Executive Director for NMABSO. We knew we wanted someone with great leadership qualities as well as someone who knew more about what Business Managers do day-to-day at our schools. We also wanted someone who would maintain the very important relationships we have with our membership, vendors, and partners. We believe we have found that right person for the job and we can celebrate success in filling that very important position.

Closing the loop on items that are no longer necessary to define as goals, we can now call several of our past years' goals, standard operating procedures and will continue some amazing things such the annual scholarships, annual social campaign, and others that we do effortlessly now.

NMASBO's forward-looking path is outlined with a refined set of goals for the Board of Directors and a task for the new staff to continue to move the organization forward.

Committees and 2018 Goals are captured in three committees defined by Training and Meetings, Membership, and Presidents committee. A summary of the goals are as follows:

A detailed list of the goals and processes can be found on the NMASBO website.

Again, I look forward to continuing the hard work of our organization and will do my best to see how we can support our membership moving forward.



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