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SA NEWS Hytec Services Africa has launched its mine site-based containerised hose workshops to provide a comprehensive on site hose and fittings service to its mining customers across Africa. The workshops are set up on site in refurbished and branded shipping containers varying in size from 20 to 40 feet and provide hose and fittings services, while enabling Hytec to supply its range of hydraulic services on a mine site – effectively functioning as an on-site mobile branch. Depending on the requirements of the mine and the urgency in providing services, Hytec can provide a workshops are manufactured and readily available fully fitted in Johannesburg to ensure speedy mobilisation and delivery times. “The workshop configuration depends on the mine’s requirements,” explains Charlie Harrison, Africa Mining Services and Operations Manager, HSA. “Mines that require services beyond hydraulic hose and fittings may need additional containers to accommodate filter, pump or cylinder stock. It may also be appropriate to add an office using a 20-foot container. Each container, and the configuration in setting up two or more Hytec’s mobile workshops launched Hytec's containerised workshop. infrastructure, the container itself becomes the Hytec country base. “We ensure that the workshop configuration is sufficiently flexible to accommodate all hydraulic components and services to the mines requirements,” he says. “If, for instance, the mine is in a remote and inaccessible area like many in East, West and North Africa, the containers and their configuration need to allow for supplementary stockholdings due to extended and difficult supply routes.” Under normal circumstances a contract for this type of service and product offering is between two and three years, and this is where the advantage of having a ‘mobile’ workshop becomes apparent. “It is relatively easy to pack up and pick up the container for relocation to another mine site, which can be done fairly quickly.” start-up workshop with stock in a short turnaround time to ensure that hose replacement services begin the moment the workshop and stock arrives on the mine site. Start-up containers, are custom-designed to each mine’s requirements.” He points out that if a Hytec container workshop is based in a country without an established Hytec branch “If a contract is not renewed, for whatever reason,” Harrison explains, “it is relatively easy to pack up and pick up the container for relocation to another mine site, which can be done fairly quickly.” Hytec has already submitted a containerised workshop tender to a mining house in the DRC, with tenders for the same underway with mining houses in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Ghana. “Through the Bosch Rexroth Africa expansion initiative, full Hytec branch operations have been opened in East Africa in Kenya, West Africa in Ghana and we are working with Bosch Rexroth Morocco, which also covers Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt,” says Harrison.  Tiger Wheel & Tyre offers its top tips to extend the life of tyres. Following this advice will not only extend the lifespan of your tyres and save you money in the long run, but also improve your vehicle and driving safety: • Keep all tyres, including the spare, inflated to the manufacturer's recommended tyre pressure to save on petrol consumption and keep tyres from wearing out prematurely. • Inflate tyres with nitrogen 6_QUARRY SA| NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018 to keep them properly pressurised for longer and, because nitrogen makes them run up to 20% cooler, they last longer too. • To achieve more uniform wear on tyres, and get longer use from them, rotate, balance and align them every 10 000km or as recommended in your vehicle owner's manual. • Clean your tyres, and not just the sidewall to make them look good. Use soap and water to remove Top five tips to increase tyre longevity Tyres are a major expense for quarries. foreign substances that might cause the rubber to degrade. • Inspect them monthly – a visual inspection will reveal if they are wearing unevenly, allowing you to get preventative maintenance done to extend their lifespan. You'll also discover foreign objects that might cause damage if they remain wedged in the tread. 