Quarry Southern Africa November 2018 - Page 22

WINNING bought primarily to service the ready-mix concrete operation we have [adjacent to the quarry], a plant batching in the region of 1 500m3 of ready-mixed concrete per month. Currently we have a Dezzi 1700 and we had a Dezzi 2500 which was subsequently swapped out with a sister plant that had fortuitously doubled its production due to being awarded a large order. NPC ultimately opted for Dezzi loaders in the confidence the equipment is manufactured to tough African conditions, and with components which were reliable and robust, with minimal electronic equipment. Economically, you can’t have two loaders standing at one plant – you’d never make money. So you want a machine that you know will be reliable, and if it breaks down Avin Mandass, quarry manager at NPC Sterkspruit Aggregate. Strerkspruit’s ready-mix plant makes product to client specifications. 22_QUARRY SA| NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018 you can get it back on line as soon as possible,” says Mandass. The future business environment The mine still has a long lifespan ahead of it – “My grandchildren may one day be able to get a job here,” says Mandass as there are still huge reserves of raw material available for processing. With such a long life span ahead, Mandass explains the company hasn’t yet settled on exactly what it wants to do in terms of its rehabilitation plan. “One possibility is to make the benches wide enough so they can accommodate mini factories within what would be a light industrial zone.” Long term plans of that nature are dependent on the medium- and long-term business environment, which in the short- term appears dire. “My impression is that business conditions are very depressed and tough at the moment. We’ve been through times like this in the past, but then at least we knew there were big contracts coming along to look forward to. Right now there is little to look forward to. The roads business has largely died – it’s going to be an