Quarry Southern Africa November 2017 - Page 40

A manufacturer and supplier of bitumen, modified binders, and emulsions for road construction, SprayPave has procured a multistage bitumen converter that changes bituminous products from one grade to another. This enhances the penetration grades of bitumen required to produce asphalt. The 20-tonne-per-hour multistage bitumen converter was acquired from Technix Industries in New Zealand, a company that has been in the bitumen business for over 100 years and is a global leader in bitumen technologies. The unit, located at SprayPave’s Cape Town plant, is the second to be commissioned worldwide after Fiji. “We can now achieve predictable and repeatable conversion of penetration grade bitumen available from South African refineries to grades that are both lower in penetration and higher in softening point than the feedstock bitumen,” says Eddie Jansen van Vuuren, general manager of SprayPave. “Following several months of testing, we are delighted to have received SABS test results that show that 50/70 produced conforms to the SANS 4001-BT1 specification.” Bitumen is an essential component of asphalt as a binder. It is produced by refineries as a by-product of crude oil, but can only be supplied in broad grade ranges that seldom meet asphalt design specifications. The multistage bitumen converter uses pressure, heat, and air to precisely convert bituminous refinery feedstocks into superior quality bitumen. The softness, penetration index, and physical properties of the bitumen can be changed to meet exact design specifications. Jansen van Vuuren points out that this technology addresses current and future issues around local bitumen supply, particularly in regions such as the Western Cape where refineries are unable to provide suitable penetration grades of bitumen for road binders. The converter can modify 70/100 penetration grade bitumen to 50/70 or even 10/20, which is required for new high modulus asphalt designs. With certain chemical additives, the converter can also produce multigrade bitumen with specifications and performance characteristics spanning several penetration grades. “This is particularly significant as it will help manufacturers to comply with the new Performance Grade (PG) bitumen specifications in South Africa,” he says. These specifications aim to improve the assessment of deformation resistance, fatigue properties, long-term performance, and cracking potential of bitumen as an Assured bitumen quality for SA roads Eddie Jansen van Vuuren, general manager of SprayPave. asphalt binder. By enhancing bitumen penetration grades, the multistage bitumen converter can help asphalt producers to ensure they are using multigrade bitumen products complying with the PG specifications. Goscor Earth Moving adds SANY equipment to stable Bobcat Equipment South Africa managing director, Barry Owen. 38 _ QUARRY SA | NOVEMBER 2017 on board now means that we also compete in the larger equipment market.” GEM offers SANY excavators, motor graders, and rollers for the construction, mining, agriculture, sand and stone, forestry, roadworks, and plant hire sectors. Technical expert Simon Zhu highlights that SANY is the number one heavy-equipment brand in China, with 500 000 units supplied in 180 countries. “We expect SANY’s market share in South Africa to increase significantly as a result of the distribution agreement concluded with GEM,” Owen stresses. “Mining is recovering, and while the South African economy has been continuously weak for years, it should come to the point where it bounces back a little.” Owen adds that the main differentiator for SANY in the local market will be highly competitive pricing for a world- class product, supplemented by increased parts-holding as well as full in-field service and technical backup through GEM’s national branch structure. “We hold about R8-million worth of SANY spares at any one time, and replenish this stock on a weekly basis,” he reveals. In addition, SANY equipment has been engineered specifically for African operating conditions, including features such as shorter sticks and stronger booms on its excavators for enhanced durability. Major benefits for customers are fuel savings, efficiency, user-friendly design, and reliability. Commenting on GEM’s strategy to entrench SANY in the local market, Owen highlights that the initial focus will be multiple client reference points. “Of course, one only gets these good references if one has the aftersales service to support the machines. Hence, our strategy is to cultivate 10 to 20 customers as strong advocates of the SANY brand,” he concludes. Goscor Earth Moving (GEM), part of the Goscor Group, has entered the larger excavator and roadworks equipment market through its representation of the SANY brand. According to managing director Barry Owen, this augments GEM’s product offering, providing customers with a single option for both smaller and larger equipment. “We have been a leading player in the compact construction market for many years through our Bobcat range. Taking SANY SANY equipment has been engineered specifically for African operating conditions.