Quarry Southern Africa November 2017 - Page 14

Road Milling & Sweeping recently purchased a new recycler to add to its fleet of milling machines. Changing market lane of traffic, enabling them to return to their correct position on the road. Across the globe, studies have shown that milled rumble strips can make a significant difference to road safety, while also costing significantly less than other safety measures. One such study, conducted by the Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), showed that placing milled rumble strips at the centre of a two-lane road was an excellent way to reduce the number of head-on collisions occurring due to tired and inattentive drivers inadvertently leaving their lane. The study also showed that these centreline milled rumble strips resulted in drivers reducing their speed and staying away from the centre of the road. Kafka says that RMS has seen a big shift in the need for equipment by smaller businesses. “We have had many more smaller companies approaching us to hire machines in the past two years than we did previously, when it was a lot more focused on your typical big civil engineering groups and big construction companies, which monopolised the market.” She adds that one of the challenges they are facing given the changing market, Wirtgen undertakes services for all machines under warranty, after which RMS carries out all services at its in-house workshop. In addition to the initial training provided when a new machine is purchased, RMS trains all of its operators in-house, Manganyi explains. Having started out as a security guard before rising through the ranks to his current position, Manganyi is particularly aware of the difference that proper training can make. “We train our operators here at our offices, and then we take them out to site, where they will be paired with a more experienced person to give them the opportunity to learn as much as possible. Usually, within a week, operators will be comfortable enough to run a machine themselves,” he adds. 12 _ QUARRY SA | NOVEMBER 2017 Maintenance and training Milled rumble strips help to improve driver safety.