Quarry Southern Africa November 2017 - Page 13

BUSINESS R one to our fleet,” she explains. “The recycler is designed to reuse as much of the existing base as possible — it is like a blender on wheels — and this has obvious financial and environmental benefits. Instead of transporting and disposing of the milled material, on projects where a recycler is used, they try to reuse as much of it as they can. So, it is opening up new opportunities for us.” The operations manager at RMS, Brian Manganyi, explains that the chip-and-spray applications for which the recycler is so well suited, are a cheaper, faster alternative to resurfacing for asphalt and concrete roads, and one that reuses the existing base materials. The recycler lifts up the material and mixes it with water and bitumen emulsion, depending on the application, before laying it back down. In addition to the cost advantage, this offers additional environmental benefits, as well as speeding up project operations. When using a recycler, the aim is to reuse the existing base material and, where possible, also the asphalt, along with a mixture of water, cement and bitumen emulsion, with the exact ratios determined by the project, rather than using completely new materials. This mixture is then laid down and compacted to create a new base, with the top layer of asphalt being sprayed over that base. But rehabilitating exi