Quarry Southern Africa May 2019 - Page 5

4 SA NEWS 6 AFRICAN NEWS 10 GLOBAL NEWS 29 BENEFICIATION: Precast concrete comes of age 38 MARKETS 37 INSIGHT: Communication makes quality work 22 FEATURE 26 FACE TO FACE 34 HEALTH AND SAFETY Supervisory skills – the competitive edge Nyadzeni Makhado – logistically savvy Can technology help mining quarries win the war on absenteeism? Nyadzeni Makhado, CEO of Prodeliver Group, has always known that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Considering his background, ending up as a logistics and mining services supplier became the perfect fit. Dr Doug Potter writes. We have all heard of the ‘ripple effect’ — the theory that one action causes the continuing and spreading of an event or action. It’s like dropping a pebble in the water and watching the ripples flow far past where the pebble drop occurred. Inadequate training of supervisors has emerged in recent years as a cause of many section 54s issued by the Department of Mineral Resources. Aspasa’s view is that for the surface mining industry to survive, it needs to develop its supervisors to groom them for management. www.quarryonline.co.za  QUARRY SA | MAY/JUNE 2019_3