Quarry Southern Africa May 2019 - Page 24

FEATURES SUPERVISORY SKILLS: THE COMPETITIVE EDGE By Eamonn Ryan | All images by Eamonn Ryan Inadequate training of supervisors has emerged in recent years as a cause of many section 54s issued by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR). Aspasa’s view is that for the surface mining industry to survive, it needs to develop its supervisors to groom them for management. This area has consequently become a focal point of training by Aspasa. Jukskei Quarry. S kills shortages are a major factor impeding the industry and need to be addressed. Aspasa is embarking on an ambitious plan to provide comprehensive, fully accredited qualifications in quarry management. This is being done in partnership with professional training company Prisma Training Solutions, and it is currently in the process of developing curricula to be used for these purposes. While all surface mines most likely already have a strong focus on training and skills development, the emphasis 22_QUARRY SA | MAY/JUNE 2019 of Aspasa is to bring international best practices to South Africa, derived from its global sharing of information, and to raise awareness that the development of training to address skills shortages can yield input from fellow countries. South Africa is not alone in experiencing skills shortages — it is a global problem and one suited to being solved jointly. Nonetheless, South Africa has its unique characteristics and challenges. All training needs to align with the Skills Development Act and be according to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). It has the Sector Educational and Training Authority (Seta) to tap for funding and methodologies. With poor supervisor training having been isolated by DMR’s annual report, says Aspasa director Nico Pienaar, this has become a focal point for local training. Aspasa has prepared a paper on the subject for members, which states: “It seems as if the industry has forgotten that supervision is part of management. It would appear that the welter of industrial and employment law during the late 70s and 80s did much to prompt the decline of www.quarryonline.co.za