Quarry Southern Africa May 2018 - Page 6

NEWS A new range of excavators and tipper trucks caught the attention of the quarrying fraternity at this year’s bauma Conexpo Africa that was held at Nasrec, south of Johannesburg, from 13 to 16 March 2018. South African-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Bell Equipment showcased its range of Kobelco excavators and the Kamaz heavy duty tipper trucks. "We expect both these new partners and product ranges to generate a considerable amount of interest as they bring quality and competitive machine solutions to our local market, and all backed by the most extensive support network in southern Africa," says Mark Hughes, sales and marketing director at Bell Equipment Sales South Africa (Bessa). “The Kobelco range of excavators, from 5.5t to 85t, was added to the Bell stable in mid-2017 and has been extremely well accepted by Bell’s customer base. “Japanese-based Kobelco is widely recognised as a global excavator specialist and through this partnership we can offer competitively priced and perfectly matched loading tools for our range of Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) in the construction, quarrying, mining and forestry industries," says Hughes. Additionally, the introduction of the KAMAZ trucks at the end of 2017 has given Bell a presence in the southern Africa tipper truck market for the first time, to further expand the company's one-stop-shop offering to customers in the region. The Kamaz heavy-duty tipper trucks. 4 _ QUARRY SA | MAY/JUNE 2018 Excavators ready to boost economy ELB Equipment is aggressively gearing its excavator offering to meet an anticipated demand upsurge as the economy takes an upward turn. Rhett O’Neill of ELB Equipment. “Excavators are at the heart of any construction or mining operation and their availability is pivotal to getting projects off the ground. For this reason, we have brought in extra units, especially 21-tonners, as they are the most commonly used excavators in South Africa. We have also tagged them at competitive prices along with extras and extended-hour warranties to help ensure the success of these new projects. “Made in Japan, Sumitomo excavators are known to be among the fastest-working and economical excavators that are purpose-built for 24-hour production type operations. Tougher and more durable than the average excavator they can boost new contracts and help kickstart the economy,” says local distributor ELB Equipment’s Rhett O’Neill. A large shipment of Sumitomo excavators has arrived in South Africa in anticipation of future growth of the economy. Earthmoving and mining equipment sales moved strongly upwards during 2017 to break a three-year downward cycle that has gripped the industry since the second quarter of 2014. Figures released by the Construction and Mining Equipment Suppliers’ Association (CONMESA) show that 5614 new units were sold during the year marking a healthy 18.3% increase over the previous year’s results. Until then the decline in sales had seen the number of units sold dwindle from 7 250 unit 2#2Fr`BsCr#b4U46&w&V6RWFW'262FP7&V6VB6W27FVg&vFRV&W"bf7F'06VFr&Vv67G'V7F&V7G2&W7W&vV@w&7VGW&GW7G'2vV2&VFfR&V6fW'6W'F6FFW27V626v6&W7VFVB6P7WƖW'2vFW7W&RFF6R&WG2Fr&WGFW FWV7FVB( G'VR&V6fW'6ǒ&RWV7FVBvVFR&W@62WBvR6VR7W7F&R&fVVB7&726V7F'2bFR6V6גWFVW72B26FfP6vB&FW26FfVǒf"FRV"VB( WFW'262आR62FBfwW&W2f"FRfW"V'FW'2b#pfW&vVB&WBCVG2W"V'FW"v62vV6R&fVVBfW"FRVG2W"V'FW fW&vVBFR&WfW2V"vG2֖r666G2WFR&0FR66b֖rVvVW&r@FRVfW'6GbFRvGvFW'7&@26BWFRv&BVwVRF&W2FFRWF6RFR#2v&@VfW'6G&涖w2Wg&G26F2V&W #"7BV.( 2&涖w2B2FPǒ֖rVvVW&r66g&6FfVGW&RFRFS&涖pb֖rVvVW&r660v&GvFRF266FR6W0BFRvW7B&VB66BvG0VfW'6G( ėB2WG&VVǒV6W&vrFV&F2&V6vFƖvBbW vrVff'G2FVWW"66BFRVFrVFvRbV&pB&W6V&6( 62VBb66&fW76"7WF&W'BW6wvvF&WBVFW&w&GVFPB7Fw&GVFR7GVFVG2( 2&W@RRbFVg&6VG&W2WG6FP6WFg&6( 2FR662FR&vW7@֖rVvVW&r&w&RFPVvƗ67Vrv&BFR2v&BVfW'6G&涖w2RFRv&Bw2FVfW'6FW2CbFffW&VB7V&V7@&V2BffR66FRf7VG&V2B2FRǒFW&F&涖r&V6v6VB'FPFW&F&涖rWW'Bw&W