Quarry Southern Africa May 2018 - Page 38

HEALTH & SAFETY IN FOCUS Know your audience By Doug Potter So what’s going on with all these Code of Practices (COPs) coming up? What is the biggest secret to education / skills development? Know your target audience. You may have heard this before but there is a deeper meaning. If you are speaking to children, you adapt to their age bracket but what about culture and customs. If you are speaking to children from Cape town or Durban the terms regatta, sailing and starfish might be common but will the child in the Northern Cape know what these are. If you are speaking to children from Lesotho they will understand snowboarding, skiing and repelling but will children in the Karoo know these? We are Predictive Safety and our world class programmes take all these into consideration. Our team has won seven international awards on communication alone. Our skills development takes the following into consideration: Grade R-3 We have programmes for children on fatigue that start with colouring books, teacher’s additions and games for the children to play regarding wellness, health and fatigue. Grade 4-7 These children are exposed to classroom training and in class workouts. Emphasis is placed on nutrition and cleanliness. There 36 _ QUARRY SA | MAY/JUNE 2018 are comic books on hygiene, physical fitness and nutrition as leave behinds. Grade 8-12 These young adults receive a higher education version of the middle school training with extra comic books on nap strategies and working night shift, preparing them for the terminology and expectations if they or their friends choose an occupation with shift work... Workers Skills training is given to the adult workers regarding keeping healthy and production. If we teach them the skills to be a more alert employee during shift and how to get a good night sleep that spills over to a happier home life. Emphasis in this training is hands on so that workers do not have to sit through one more boring PowerPoint when they get the chance to catch up on Facebook. We constantly engage them, so they learn and feel part of something bigger because in the end they are. ■ Skills development Dr Doug Potter is the director of Fatigue Education at Predictive Safety. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr Doug Potter is the director of Fatigue Education for Predictive Safety, a fatigue and wellness company that focuses on the shift work patterns of 24/7 industries such as mining, manufacturing and trucking. He has worked with multiple major mining houses on their fatigue management COPs and programmes.