Quarry Southern Africa May 2018 - Page 35

WINNING “It is important to have the correct tyre for the correct application, and expertise is needed to make that recommendation.” The maintenance of tyres on heavy equipment is an extremely important operational function on any mine or quarry and can reduce operational costs significantly. Considering training standards, a scarcity of tyres and customers’ need for value, Kal Tire demonstrates how advanced training and tyre maintenance go a long way to meet customer expectations. *Source: www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ stone-quarrying-clay-and-sandpits-in-south- africa-2017-300539976.html. With training comes excellent performance In a bid to reduce injuries and fatalities, South Africa’s mining bodies have developed policies that insist workers are sufficiently trained and certified before even entering a mine site. For Kal Tire, an international company with more than 6 500 team members serving mine sites across five continents, consistency and high training standards is key. As Kal Tire began orientation with Tyre Corporation team members, the company rolled out waves of training that reached even the remotest corners of South Africa to ensure everyone was trained to the country’s and Kal Tire’s standards. It was also an excellent opportunity for Kal Tire to introduce new team members to the company’s AIMS – seven guiding principles that define who we are and to instil the Kal Tire values, describing everything from safety and quality to relationships and integrity. Maintenance in a time of scarcity Today mines and tyre maintenance companies like Kal Tire face another challenge: tyre scarcity. It’s a global problem that has seriously affected South Africa. Currently the following tyre sizes are extremely difficult to source: 49, 51, 57, 59 and 63-inch tyres. Ultra-size tyres are an expensive and critical part of a quarry’s operations, so when these sizes become scarce, it’s imperative to have a reputable tyre company managing and maintaining tyres and wheels. For Kal Tire, extending tyre life and investment is a holistic approach that starts with tyre selection and understanding a quarry’s unique operations and demands, supported by professional tyre maintenance, as well as OTR tyre repair and retreading services to extend the tyre life cycle as much as possible. It is important to have the correct tyre for the correct application, and expertise is needed to make that recommendation. After sourcing, Kal Tire’s maintenance programme focuses on daily, weekly and monthly visual tyre inspections to catch signs of wear or damage and take preventative repair action. Fleet pressure maintenance is also a crucial step in ensuring a quarry tyre can carry its load without compromise. Wheel rim maintenance and inspection is an equally important maintenance task as bent rim components and improper tyre and rim fitments can spell tyre leaks, stress and premature wear. Damaged or mismatched rim components pose a severe safety risk. For us, these steps are everyday basics that make a significant difference in the long run, but we also go above tread and pressure checks to work with the entire team that has a hand in ensuring strong performance of quarry tyres. Kal Tire observes and trains operator driving habits, performs site studies for road conditions and delivers load studies along with extensive monthly tyre tracking and feedback reporting including product evaluations. Together, all this ensures a quarry tyre can offer its optimum performance, last longer and reduce costs for mining companies. ■ ABOUT THE AUTHOR Johan de Jager is the senior technical manager at Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group South Africa in Midrand. QUARRY SA | MAY/JUNE 2018 _ 33