Quarry Southern Africa May 2018 - Page 23

TECHNOLOGY T he innovation, which stems from a partnership between three specialist companies namely Kemach Equipment, Liyema Drilling and Integrated Air Solutions, combines an excavator with a compressor and a locally designed, tailor-made drilling tower that conforms to all original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications. To achieve this seamless 3-in-1 integration, the companies worked closely on a solution, dedicating their respective technical expertise. Basie Roelofse and his team from Liyema Drilling was responsible for converting the JCB JS205 excavator into a drilling machine. According to Roelofse mines today are under constant pressure to improve efficiency, production and safety. “To remain competitive and secure contracts drilling machines must be fast, efficient, productive and equally important, safe. It’s not about how fast you drill, it’s about the speed of the set-up, that is, how fast you can retrieve and move to the next hole. We are therefore relentless in our search to find ways to improve and innovate machines to maximise our set-up time,” says Roelofse. Liyema Drilling is currently operating the JS205 drilling machine at a mine close to Delmas in Mpumalanga. “The JS205 has reduced our set-up time from seven minutes to an astounding 11 seconds which enables us to complete between 450m to 750m in a single 12-hour shift,” says Roelofse. “With the capacity to drill 100m more each day, this fully integrated solution has enabled us 1. 2. 3. On board control panel inside the cabin for seamlessly and convenient control. The JCB JS 205 drilling machine with locally designed drilling tower and on-board compressor offers a seamless integrated three in one solution. The innovative drill rig is a result of a successful partnership and teamwork between Kemach Equipment, Liyema Drilling and Integrated Air Solutions. QUARRY SA | MAY/JUNE 2018 _ 21