Quarry Southern Africa May 2017 - Page 6

Caterpillar and Barloworld Equipment will open a joint parts centre in Kaalfontein, Midrand, later this year. The new facility is a consolidation of two parts distribution centres, which enables the company to work more efficiently while increasing its capability to provide part availability to customers in Africa. “As the world’s leading Caterpillar dealer this new facility will certainly improve service to customers throughout the region and reduce transport collection points,” says Emmy Leeka, CEO at Barloworld Equipment Southern Africa. Barloworld Equipment is the official dealer of Cat Earthmoving Equipment in 11 southern African countries, and the companies have been partners for 90 years. Osho Cement and HeidlelbergCement have ordered a MVR 3750 C-4 mill from Gebr. Pfeiffer via the general contractor TCDRI for a joint-venture grinding plant and terminal being built at Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The mill will grind 110tph of CEM I cement to a fineness of 3 500cm2/g acc. to Blaine, and 80tph of slag cement CEM III-A to a fineness of 4 500cm2/g acc. to Blaine. It will have a 2 600kW drive, use an SLS 3750 BC classifier and will start operation in 2018. UD Trucks Southern Africa was recently awarded the International Sales Award as the brand’s largest overseas market in 2016. The company has an extensive network of 47 dealers across the region who are able to support customers with all their transport requirements — from sales to service and parts. “This award is a true testament to the calibre of staff and dealers we have in the region, and it will certainly drive us to perform even better this year,” says Gert Swanepoel, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa. “We are very honoured to receive this award on behalf of all our staff and dealers.” Afrimat launches inaugural ACI index Afrimat has released the findings of the inaugural Afrimat Construction Index (ACI), a composite index of the level b7FfGvFFR'VFrB67G'V7F6V7F'2&VFW&2FRFW6VB'&VvVBV6֗7BG"&V`&F&Vbbg&BF6FW2&VFfVǒ7G&pW&f&6R67G'V7F7FfG66RFRF&BV'FW b#v62W6VB2FP&6RV"f"FR4( FPF&BV'FW"b#v0W7FǒRV"gFW"FRV@bFR#&V6W76@2&Vv&FVB27FF7F6ǐ&W&W6VFFfR&6RW&Bf"VFVFW&FR6W&W2&6V@FW( W2&FखFR#RV'FW'266RFV7FfGFR67G'V7FখGW7G'WFVB'#PVFFRfW'FV'FW"b#b6&VBF6WFg&6( 0&VtEW6bRPfW"F2W&BF6FrFP&VFfVǒ7G&rW&f&6R`67G'V7F7FfG66RFPVBb#&F62FR66FRFW&fFW2&6VBB&VƗ7F0fWrbFRWfVb7FfGFP67G'V7F6V7F"2B6F0WBFR6G&F7F'G&VG2`6FF2FR67G'V7F6V7F"FB&RgFV'G&VB'FRFfGV6VG2F@6&6RFRFWFR4267VFVBg&6FffW&VB67FGVVBF6F'3FR'VFrFW&26W0FW'VFw26WFV@vF&vW"V6ƗFW2'VFr276VB'&vW V6ƗFW2FRd"$U 'VFr6fFV6RFWFPd"$U"6f67G'V7FখFWB&WFG&FR6W2`&Gv&RBBv72FRW667G'V7F7FfGWFFRf'7BV'FW"`#r2&VVG&fVǒ'&fVB&WF6W2fVW2f &Gv&Rv72BBvFFW7F2FVBf"'VFpFW&2B'WF6FRV&W"b&W6FVF'VFw22&fVB'FR&vW"V6ƗFW266vr7G&rw&wFFPFvGW&FRGFW"F6F V'#r&RGVPF6&Fb7&V6V@7FfGFRf&'VFr6V7F'2BFV&''W&VV7&F2FV26W6VB'vfW&6R6vW2gFW"FP&V6VBV6VV7F2&WF&Gv&R7F&R6W2fP&fVB'&RFsR66PFRF&BV'FW"b#vRFP6W2b'VFrFW&2BFPfVRb'VFr2&fV@&F&fVB'#BRfW"FP7B#RV'FW'2gW'FW"W667G'V7F7FfG2F6FV@'&6rG&VBf"&Gv&R@ 'VFrFW&6W2F2067W'FVB'&6RbF&VPG2FRd"$U"'VFp6fFV6RFWf"FRf'7@V'FW"b#rG2&W7BWfV"F2BfW"G0vW"FFRfW&vRfW FR7B#bV'FW'266&FpFG"&FFR42ƖVǐF7&V6RgW'FW"#p&V6W6Rb6&F`vW"V6֖2w&wFFW7@VVB7&VFBvW FW&W7B&FW2G&W2fVW&FVg&B4T62FRW6খ67G'V7F7FfG0F6FVB'FR4&FW2vVf"FRV6ג( FR&W7VG0bF27GVG7W'Bg&N( 0&wVVBfW"FR7BffPV'2FB67G'V7F0VFW"FVP&VƖWfVBFW"f7F'27V62fW&66GFR6VV@GW7G'GVRFFV6Wr66G7&VFVB'&PVG&G2FFR&WB6RFRFRVFVFW&ǖp7FfGW72f6&R"BT%%4#p7VrBFRV6bFR4g&B4TG&W2fVW&FV6BFBFR&W7VG0bF27GVG7W'@g&N( 2&wVVBfW FR7BffRV'2F@67G'V7F2VFW FVR&VƖWfRFRg&B67G'V7FखFW( 4( 266FRFWbFPWfVb7FfGvFFP'VFrB67G'V7F6V7F'2&VFW&2