Quarry Southern Africa May 2017 - Page 40

Cat now drills down holes The MD6250 drill is built for efficient drilling of 10m and 12m benches, including angle drilling for cast blasting, making it the ideal drill for mining, quarrying, and heavy construction applications. Offering superior performance in both DTH hard rock and rotary soft rock applications, the flexible machine drills holes of 150–250mm in diameter with bit loads of 22  321kg and 32  655kg, respectively, for the 11.2m and 13.7m masts. The MD6250 features angle drilling from 0 to 30 degrees in five-degree increments with an approach angle of 15 degrees for Cat’s new MD6250 blasthole drill delivers optimum drilling efficiency in single- and multi- pass applications for both rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) modes. Featuring automated operation, the drill runs within ideal operating parameters for maximum bit life, hole accuracy and reduced total cost of ownership. A sculpted frame design with heavy cross-bracing in high-load areas ensures maximum machine longevity. The machine’s four levelling jacks, mast pivot and deck are welded integrally to the main frame for maximum durability. Cat’s new MD6250 blasthole drill delivers optimum drilling efficiency in single- and multi-pass applications for both rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) modes. 38 _ QUARRY SA | MAY 2017 easy ramp access and loading, and can climb up to 26-degree grades to get to the bench. The MD6250 power train features the Cat C27 ACERT engine with a 655kW power rating at 1  800rpm, which can be configured to meet any emissions regulation for any region throughout the world. Variable air volume provides up to 50% less engine load to significantly increase fuel efficiency. Engine and air intake filters boast 500-hour service intervals to help lower long-term operating costs. Standard Cat Product Link technology enables operations to improve fleet management through customisable reports and mapping. Sites can choose Terrain for drilling, which provides precision machine guidance, ensuring that every hole is accurately placed, drilled to the proper depth and angle, and able to stand up until blasting. In addition, Cat Command for drilling offers an option for semi-autonomous drilling of single row missions. The new MD6250 drill boasts a spacious FOPS cab with integrated operator station and rubber shock-mounts to absorb mechanical