Quarry Southern Africa May 2017 - Page 32

The cold planers feature above average working depths of up to 330mm in one cut, with perfect, clean edges. purpose, the rear right-hand track drive can be fully automatically swivelled to a position in front of the milling drum. Reducing downtime Longevity and low maintenance are two key Bomag design principles that are geared towards reducing service costs and non- productive time. This has been achieved through highly visible markings on service points and by ensuring that all components for servicing are well positioned and freely accessible. This applies to tanks, service points in the engine compartment and work on the milling drum. “The Bomag design engineers have thought of everything,” says Hanekom. “Tanks for water, diesel, and oil are not Bell Equipment introduced the newest cold milling machines in the Bomag range to customers at a two-day presentat [ۈ[[[ۜ][ۈ]H\[x&\]\X[]H[]][˂UPTHHPVH M[YH[YKYXHYX[X[Y[XZH[HX\Y\\XKB\[ݙ\\]YY[\œ]][H\XYHۙH\ۋH[[H[][\]ZXXBZ\[\\]ZX[K[H]\\[H\X\HX\ˈX\H\[Y\ۙ[[XZHH[\]ZX\XH[\H\H\HYB\\Y[܈\Hœ\XH\X\˸'B[XYZ[[XX[\YB\]Z\Y]HT MH^[XXH\\[KX\H\H[H\Yۋ\]\\\\[H[Hܛ[ X[]\\X\[[\Y[ۜ[\[ۋ8']\ۙHوBXZ܈Y[Y\وHXYXX[\š\HYY[X\H]X\ۈHZ[[[H[H[Y\\Y\]]܈XX[\ˈBXY[\\H[[\[XXH]\[Z[\SHX8'HHY˂[Z\Y\][ۂYX]H\H[[][ۈ[[[Z[]B\]܈]YYKHLL H\B[H[Y[\KZ[[]Y[[B\\Y[ \HH\]܈]œXYYZ[\ \H[X][ۋH][X][H]Y HYܙY\ݚYH^[[\X[]HوH]K][YH[][YHZXKHX\