Quarry Southern Africa July 2017 - Page 13

IQSA Conference 2017 Jaqueline Raputsoe presented the AEL student paper ‘Initiating System Conversion’. presentations, the industry is looking for practical advice on how to navigate what can often seem to be an endlessly changing maze of requirements, regulations and legislation governing mining and related practices in South Africa. Providing this information while steering clear of even the appearance of collusion and anti-competitive practices is a difficult line to walk at the best of times, and often companies would rather err on the side of caution by releasing too little information than risk being in ‘collusion’, even when sharing information would be of benefit to the industry – and the country – as a whole. Navigating the legislative maze Selvan Subroyen’s presentation, titled ‘Environmental legislative amendments: Conference papers Speaker DAY 1 Tebello Chabana, senior executive: Public Affairs & Transformation at the Chamber of Mines, delivered an industry update to conference attendees. Impact on mining’ gave an overview of recent and pending changes to environmental legislation that impacts the quarrying industry. Focusing on the challenges raised by the implementation of South Africa’s ‘One Environmental System’, the presentation looked at the lead-up to the introduction of the system as well as specific licensing regulations and how these could potentially impact South African quarry operators. Subroyen also touched on some of the concerns raised by the mining industry regarding certain legislation and regulations, including the financial provisions for annual and final rehabilitation, as well as the rules and regulations surrounding residue stockpiles and deposits. The second day’s papers all looked at environment and legislation as it “I think the current trends within the quarrying industry will focus on pedestrian detection systems due to the incoming DMR legislation, as well as accurate volumetric control, both prior to and post plant throughput.” Paper Vaughn Duke (Sound Mining Solutions) Mine planning Jaqueline Raputsoe Sishen Iron Ore – Initiating System Conversion (AEL student paper) Dave Sibley (ELB Equipment) Screening technology solutions JD Singleton (Weir Minerals Africa) Sand washing total cost of ownership (TCO) case studies utilising latest technologies Selvan Subroyen (EOH Legal Services) Environmental legislative amendments: Impact on mining Gabriel Gomes A study on the impact of drilling and blasting: Effects on crushing performance DAY 2 Alan Cluett (Cluett Consulting) ASPASA: Environmental update and changes in the industry Chris Doran ASPASA: Update on TMM/PDS for opencast industry Tebello Chabana ASPASA: Chamber of Mines industry update QUARRY SA | JULY 2017 _ 11