QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 85 - Page 31

Collaboration signals recipe for success for Edinburgh food firm Genius Foods will also have access to the Centre’s fully-equipped sensory suite facility, which allows experts to measure people’s perceptions of food and drink products’ attributes, including appearance, aroma, texture, flavour and aftertaste. QMU’s team of food innovation experts regularly provide its clients with consumer focus groups, taste panels, nutritional analysis and shelf-life testing. Gullane beach Madras Lodge is a perfect place for an enjoyable holiday, whether it is a long weekend or a longer break. Within easy walking distance of the beach, local pubs and restaurants, Madras Lodge is located right in the centre of Gullane. Whether your pastime is birdwatching, world-class golf, wind surfing, or visiting coffee shops, East Lothian has something to offer everyone. Why not book Madras Lodge for your next holiday with the family or a class reunion? In 2018, Gullane will host both the Scottish Ladies Open and Scottish Open Golf Championships. Both properties are still available for four nights from Thursday 26th July for a special rate of £400 for the house and £300 for the loft. If you are a golfer, Gullane is the ideal location. Madras Lodge, is a relaxing holiday house and flat for use by members of the QMU Graduates' Association. Members can rent accommodation that is split into the House (sleeping 5) or the Loft (sleeping 4). A member can stay there with friends and family for a break, be that a family holiday of one or two weeks or a relaxing weekend. Costs are very reasonable - ranging from £115 for a two night break in the Loft to £410 for a whole week’s rent of the House in the height of summer. There are reduced rates and extra nights available for bookings in the low season. Bookings for 2018 are now in full swing. Summer months are quickly booked up, but often there is availability throughout the year outside of the peak summer period. Check your Graduates’ Association status with the Membership Secretary and then contact the Madras Lodge booking secretary to arrange your break. Details are available through the QMUGA website and through the Madras Lodge page on Facebook. Enjoy Madras Lodge for your next break and share your memories with us on Facebook or Twitter. Madras Lodge contacts: Bookings via: Anne Vokes T: 07817328035 E: mlbook@qmuga.org.uk Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, Founder of Genius A WELL ESTABLISHED gluten free food specialist has its sights set on healthy growth after extending its research and development capability via a partnership with QMU’s food team. Edinburgh based Genius Foods has entered into a partnership with QMU’s 66GF66VG&Rf"fBFWfVV@BfFvW&RG2FV2pW&Frg&7V6Ɨ7BWrf@66V6R&&F'vF7G&r&W6V&6&6w&V@7W'FrFRFWfVVB`66FN( 2fBBG&'W6W76W2vVW2fG2FVFfVBR2FP6FV֖2'FW"vFFR7@7VF&Rf6ƗFW2f"FWfVrG2v&V6W2B&GV7B&vRFRVfW'6G( 2fB66VF7G2fP&fFVBWW'BG&rFFRvVW0fG2FVv2FV7W&RFPFWGW&R6W"Bfr&W'FW2`G2&GV7G2W6r7V6Ɨ7BWVVBG"VƖV6g&^( 066GF66VG&Rf"fBFWfVV@BfF6C( v^( &RfW'V6VBF&R&fFr7V6Ɨ7@&W6V&6BFWfVVBf6ƗFW0BG&rf"vVW2fG2FP7V6f26&Fb6V6'@ǗF6f6ƗFW2FBvRffW"BPv2&WfW6ǒVf&RV6WvW&R66FB6&W6V&6v&v2gFV6VBFVvB"'FW&&V@7FVB( F&Vv&7F6fF7W'@B7&VFfR'W6W726WF2P26FVrFVVFrfB@G&'W6W76W2ƖRvVW2fG2vFWrBfFfR&GV7@FWfVVB( ФV6F''V6Rv&GRfVFW bvVW2FFVC( FR'FW'6vFRFV7G&FW2W"vp6֗FVBF&GV6r&WBЦVFrvWFVg&VR&W'&GV7G2v7BVVVBbW""dBv&VֆW6RvR&Rv&r'FW'6vFFR66GF66VG&Pf"fBFWfVVBBfFv6vV&RW2FfRWfVFVWW"VFW'7FFrbFR&VfW bW"6&Rw&VFVG2vRf'v&BFv&rvFRFFPW"&V6W2B&GV7B&vRFFPWBWfV( ) @R66GF66VG&Rf"fBFWfVVBbfF0V6r66FN( 26F2VFW"fBBG&氦fFWW&RB7W'Fr66W72FFRv&&W@f"VFBgV7FfBf6ƗFW26VFRFVF6FVB6V֗7G'&&F'BFV6w&f"GW7G'FFW7BWrFV6wf"&Rf&F&WBFR66GF66VG&Rf"fBFWfVV@bfFBrB6&VVfBW"'W6W726F7B֗&Х6֗F'W6W72FWfVVBvW"BRC3CsBS6֗F4R2V"f6BwwrR2VfrG&2FvR㠤f6V&G&6FvRGvGFW#G&6FvPՔR&W6V&6BvVFvRW6vP3