QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 85 - Page 27

Toyin Ware, BA (Hons) Film and Media (2007–2010) T OYIN WARE, ORIGINALLY from Nigeria, started her film and media degree when QMU opened its new campus in 2007. Ten years on, she works for a fashion retailer and supports its busy global communications function from the company’s offices in Edinburgh. Toyin studied politics and international relations in Oxford before coming to QMU. She said: “In my previous course, I didn’t feel very supported and I wasn’t sure who to go to for help with different aspects of learning and student life. However, at QMU, I had absolutely amazing support. From the very first day at Queen Margaret, there was so much emphasis on how to find the right support. I know for certain that I would not have been successful without it.” ❒ Nial Vivian MSc Dispute Resolution (2015 – 2016) N ial, 30, was raised in Plymouth but had recently been living and working in the north west. He studied History and Politics at the University of Leicester, and after graduating in 2010, worked in a number of different roles across fundraising and insurance before finding his vocation in dispute resolution. In 2015, Nial began studying MSc Dispute Resolution at QMU. The postgraduate qualification is aimed at students wishing to become dispute resolution professionals in areas such as conflict management, complaint handling, ombuds work, mediation, and arbitration. He said: “I had always had an interest in law and justice, especially between big organisations and the government and individuals, where we often hear about problems in the media. I also wanted a varied and challenging job dealing with complex issues, as well as wanting to make a positive difference to people’s lives. As a result, I was well-suited to this area, which is rapidly becoming a highly-regarded and professional career pathway. “The MSc Dispute Resolution provided me with the skills and confidence necessary to really excel at a role investigating complaints at an ombudsman scheme.” Nail concluded: “The results of the MSc Dispute Resolution and my work with an Ombudsman scheme has now led to a move into academia withi FRfVB2V7GW&W BVVV&v&WBVfW'6Gv626V&ǒF2&vR'BFגv&vFFRFVW&RFR6W'6R( ) ՔRvW&R&RRs#