QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 84 - Page 24

Chinese festival producer supports QMU cultural management students A LEADING FESTIVAL PRODUCER in China has continued to pledge his support to QMU by boosting his annual award for cultural management students. At the start of 2017, Dr Chris Wang from Shanghai, China presented his annual award to Claire Pace Monreal, a MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management student. The award will provide Claire with financial support to carry out a cultural research project in her home country of Malta as she investigates the impacts upon audiences of delivering cultural programmes in various languages. Dr Wang has generously increased his contribution this year by providing additional support to enable a future student to participate in his cultural festivals in China. Chinese productions to Scotland each summer. The Chinese Art and Cultural Festival is now a prominent feature within Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival. He is also progressing work which will see the development of Scottish festivals in China. Dr Wang is also a champion of education and founded one of the first event management education programmes in China.   Based in Shanghai, Dr Wang is responsible for bringing some of the highest quality Having studied for several years in the USA under the direction of QMU’s Professor Joe Goldblatt, the world’s leading academic in event management, Dr Wang is passionate about event and cultural management and is keen to nurture talented young people who wish to contribute to the cultural and creative industries. He is delighted to support Claire with her research project which will look at the effects that the language of delivery has to the way in which the audience receives and perceives live performance. Legacy of St Margaret leads to scholarships in Hungary University. In the future, the exchange programme will also allow students living in Hungary to study at QMU and experience life in Scotland’s capital city. WO PUBLIC SOCIOLOGY students have taken up study opportunities at a Hungarian university as part of a new scholarship exchange programme between Scotland and Hungary. The programme was developed by the Hungarian Embassy and QMU to celebrate the legacy of Saint Margaret, one of the most loved women from Scottish and Hungarian history. In 2014, QMU was the first university in Scotland to launch a BSc (Hons) Public Sociology. Caitlin and Ellen, who are both in their third year of the undergraduate degree at QMU, will not only benefit from studying at Corvinus University, they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Hungarian culture, which will undoubtedly add to their overall learning experience. T Caitlin McDowell and Ellen Rahm, students on the BSc (Hons) Public Sociology travelled to Budapest in January to begin a three month study period at Corvinus Dr Richard Butt, QMU’s Deputy Principal, said: “We are delighted to have worked with the Hungarian Embassy to create this partnership with Corvinus University. This educational exchange programme, and QMU takes its name from the Scottish queen, born in Hungary T HE OFFICIAL PARTNERSHIP between QMU and the Hungarian Embassy was formed in recognition of the fact that QMU takes its name from Margaret, Queen Consort of King Malcolm Canmore of Scotland, who was born in Hungary in the 11th century.  Margaret was known to be a fine scholar with a formidable intellectual capacity, who often debated the affairs of state with the King’s noble and clerical advisers. As a deeply religious woman, Queen Margaret was concerned with works of mercy and giving, and particularly with the care of the poor. As a result, she was canonised as saint in 1250. The name Queen Margaret was incorporated into QMU’s title in 1972 because she was seen to personify the institution’s key values of serving the community, enhancing the quality of life, and taking practical action.  Queen Margaret’s philosophy of social justice and her ability to identify what changes were required in society still resonates today and her name is reflected in the titles of a number of organisations with social purposes, including QMU. ❒ 24 QMYOU / Development & Alumni News Professor Goldblatt said: “Dr Wang was one of my most determined and promising students when I lectured in Washington and I’m proud that he has gone on to establish this important cultural relationship with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He is responsible for bringing a range of outstanding Chinese productions to Scotland’s capital city, and for providing graduates with the opportunity to develop skills and experience within the cultural sector.” Dr David Stevenson, Head of Division for Media, Communication and Performing Arts, said: “Dr Wang has helped us establish QMU’s first scholarship in Cultural Management for students on the MA in Arts, Festival and Cultural Management. His increased gift, this year, of £700 as well as return flights and a work placement in China, is invaluable in supporting student development on the MA programme. Without his generosity, Claire would have been unable to develop her research in this interesting area.” ❒ the transcultural learning it will enable, are entirely consistent with the life and values of Queen Margaret herself.” Hungarian Ambassador, Kristóf Szalay- Bobrovniczky, said: “I am grateful to all our partners and to all the patrons who helped us launch the Queen Margaret Legacy Programme. Through their generous support we enable two students to see for themselves how amazing it is to live and study in Hungary in Central Europe. The students will enhance their experiences and learn new skills and both Hungary and Scotland will benefit from stronger people- to-people con х́ݕȁѥ̻tvH