QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 84 - Page 19

I T IS AN EXCITING time for the cultural sector in Malta, not least because 2018 will see Valletta, the capital city, take on the mantle of European Capital of Culture. Indeed, it is the vision of Arts Council Malta that arts and creativity will be at the heart of Malta’s future, and a cultural management specialist from QMU has helped arts organisations there to think strategically about how they might make this a reality. Dr David Stevenson, Head of Media, Communication & Performing Arts, runs QMU’s MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management. He recently visited Malta to assist the Arts Council in building capacity in the country’s cultural sector. During his trip he delivered a programme of training with a diverse range of cultural organisations, including the Valletta Film Festival; BLITZ: a contemporary art project space; and Opening Doors, an arts association that promotes the active involvement of adults with learning disabilities in the arts. All of the organisations involved were part of Art Council Malta’s Cultural Partnership Agreement which is part of their five-year training strategy focusing on partnerships with a number of national and international organisations. As a spokesperson for the Arts Council explained: “Our aim is to support training initiatives that focus on identified needs in artistic practice and cultural entrepreneurship.” The Arts Council believed that in order to enhance the Maltese cultural sector, specialist training in cultural management and leadership was required as well as a funding programme that would provide development opportunities for artists and arts educators alike. David carried out three days of strategic management traini rvF&W&W6VFFfW0g&FR6VV7FVB&v6F2v6&R&6V@7&72FBv'F6G2BFP'GVGF&VfV7BFR6&RW'6RbFV &v6FvBFWVBB6VB6WfR'#Br&W7BFVFV"&W6W&6W2&FW"F7&V6RFRƖVƖBb7V66W72 *FfB6C( ėBv2vFW&gVF7VBFRvF7V6FfW'6R&vRb'G2&v6F2FBF767BFV6WfrFV"&F2B06V'FVrFrFBF2Wr&VF60FWfVVBg&W"766FvFRw&GVFW2vRrfRGv'G2vVVBVv&pBFR'G26V6bF( 2G&FT&GF7Fvw&GVFVB#RBFGF&Bv0&R2F&V7F"b7G&FVw2&VV6VG&FFPFWfVVBbF( 2ffRזV"7Ff"FP7VGW&B7&VFfR6V7F'2&VB&WBG&vR#G"&6&B'WGBFWWG&6BR6f&VC( F2Wr&VF6FV2F7G&VwFVFRVfW'6G( 2FW&FfVV6R@6f&2W"6֗FVBFV'&6R'FW'6v&rvF6FBFW&F6VFW2( *) ՔR7&VFfRGW7G&W0