QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 83 - Page 31

Supporting transformational journeys Volunteering with the Regal Youth Theatre A T QMU, we are keen to do all that we can to help and support our students so that they can maximise their potential during their time here and take up opportunities that will be life changing. We actively encourage and enable participation in extra-curricular activities, including the arts and sports, as well as professional placements, internships and volunteering. There is no doubt that experiences such as these play a pivotal role in shaping what our students will go on to achieve after graduation and ensure that their CV stands out from the rest. Thanks to the generous support of our alumni, staff and friends, the Student Development Fund and the Vice Chancellor’s Fund have been created to ensure that all our students have the chance to take part in exciting opportunities that can help to achieve their goals and ensure that they enjoy their QMU experience to the fullest. Second year student, Matt Swan, is one of a group of QMU Drama & Performance students who received support from the Student Development Fund this year. The group volunteers with the Regal Youth Company in Bathgate which aims to transform young people’s lives by enabling them to develop their creativity, social skills and self-esteem. Kirsty and Laura volunteering in Sri Lanka During the summer of 2015, Occupational Therapy students, Kirsty Daly and Laura Irwin, took part in a five week volunteer programme in Sri Lanka supported by the Vice Chancellor’s Fund. Kirsty and Laura explained that the purpose of the placement was to bring Occupational Therapy practices into the mental health community to aid with rehabilitation. However, in Sri Lanka, mental health is still seen as taboo. Adults diagnosed with mental health conditions, are often hidden away, segregated and residing in hospitals or residential homes without much chance of being integrated back into the community. This makes Occupational Therapy, as we know it, challenging because the main aim in the western world is to enable people to live independently in the community. Laura commented on the impact this placement has had on her. “This opportunity has allowed me to develop in a variety of ways, both personally and professionally. It has developed my leadership skills, communication skills, assertiveness and creativity. As a result of this placement experience, I have since been c VFVBג&ƗGFFV7G&FR6V6FfGFWVƗGBFfW'6G@F&V6B7B76W'FfVǒvFFff7VBB6Vvp6GVF2F2WW&V6R2&VVV&ƖrWBG'Vǒ&Wv&FpRB2B6vf6B7BRW'6ǒB0VVB6VBR2'VFFr67WFFW&7B( ХF26V7FfRbVr7&r7F'2F&V7F'2w&FW'2W6626ww&FW'2B'F7G2v&FvWFW"&FV7FVB@7&VFfRVf&VBF&W6VBf&WGbfFfR&GV7F2FW6'VvVVǒv&62W62BG&F&fFPVr'F7G2vF76RvW&RFW&Rg&VRF7&VFRfV@BW&f&v&FB2&VWfBFFVFRV&W'2fRFP'GVGF&B66ǒBFWfV6V6Rb&VvrvR6FWfVrFV"'B^( 26FVVB&ƗGFf6ƗFFRFW6R7GVFVBWW&V6W0&VƖW2FRvVW&W27W'BbW"VBg&VG27GVFVG0&R&RFǒf"gVFrf"&V7G2BRF&VvFP7GVFVBFWfVVBgVB"fW'6V2F&VvFRf6P66V.( 2gVBGBWVB( FR&VvWF6V7W&W2FBFR'G0&R66W76&RFVrVRb&6w&VG2vFf'pWfV2bWW&V6RW62BG&W"V&W'267FFǐFVW2rfV&RW"6fR֧VFvVVF76R2FFV2BV6W&vW2FVFF66fW"vVFbƖR֖FVBg&VG2( bRvVBƖRF7W'BW"7GVFVG2V6R6WFRFPFFf&F2vRB&WGW&BFW2BRbRvV@ƖR&Rf&F&WB&V6v6rRW"vFVV6R6F7BVFW"VFRVâVFTR2V"6C3CsB) 26&R6VVg&GB'7GBW&( 2WW&V6W2'GVFW27V62FW6RV6FVFB&fFP'GVFW2FBvVVVǒG&6f&ƗfW2ՔRFWfVVBWw03