QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 83 - Page 28

Media students support youth village in Malawi Sandra Ndale A FILM MADE BY two Scottish film students and a teenager living in an orphanage in Malawi was released in July to commemorate United Nations World Youth Skills Day. The United Nations called on young people to raise awareness of the importance of youth skills development as a way of alleviating youth unemployment. The student film is designed to give a profound insight into the need for skills training in Malawi, which is one of the poorest countries in the world, and to attract funders for a proposed youth village to teach skills to some of the poorest teenagers there. The four minute student film highlights the hopes of teenagers and young adults living at the STEKA children’s home in Blantyre, Malawi. Now too old for life in the home, they want to take the next step into a sustainable independent future. QMU third year film students Emma Foster, aged 22, and Alice McKinney, aged 25, edited the film which was shot in Malawi by 19 year old by Sandra Ndale. Sandra has lived at the STEKA orphanage for nine years. The QMU students explained: "Editing footage shot in Malawi by Sandra was completely different to anything we've done before. The peers she interviews have all had to battle incredibly difficult circumstances, including living alone on the streets as children. It was amazing to get such an insight into their lives and to see how resilient and optimistic they are.” They continued: “We were shocked to find out that only around 11% of the population in Malawi can complete primary school, and that only 1% have the opportunity to go to college or university. But the STEKA teenagers are determined to help future generations of street children by passing on the skills they’ve learned as well as learning more themselves. The STEKA village would give them the chance they deserve to do that, and we're so glad to have had a small involvement with such a worthwhile organisation.” 30 QMYOU / Development News A STEKA youth skills village is the vision Professor Gilloran concluded: “I hope of grassroots Malawian activist Godknows an involvement with STEKA will offer our Maseko, a survivor of human trafficking and students an opportunity to learn about former ‘street kid’ who has developed and themselves and about life in Malawi where run the successful STEKA home over the there’s a tremendous sense of community last 10 years. He explains that the STEKA and teenagers develop real resilience.” ❒ Youth Village would co ͥ)ٽѥͭ́ɕ)ѼѕՉ́Ս)%Pɥձɔɽ̰)ͥхɥ)ɑɕͥͥ)и%ЁݽձͼՑ)́ѥ́ѼɅ)ɕЁɕɽٔ)ݕѡѡ)ѡݥɕ٥ѡ)٥ٽٕ)ɹͭ́ȁݽɬ)MɄ9ɽMQ-)ͅ胊q]eٔȁ)ѼɅ͔Ѽ)եͭ́ɕ́ݡɔ)́Ѽ)ɕ͔ѡȁѥ̸%)ѡЁ̰ݔ)Aɕ́ѕ䁽٥ٕɐAѽɅ)ѡЁE5TՑ́)ٽٕȁѕɴѽt)E5TAɥɅ́Y܁ѡՑЁЁMQ-)ѡЁݥѠѡMQ-ɕé輽Yաɬ)5ݤ́́Ѽٕ٥ȁQЁɔЁMQ-٥ͥ)ձɅѕ́ݥ՝䁉)輽ѕݽɑɕ̹)ȁE5TՑ̸!ͅ胊q]Ѽ)ѡѕ٥)ѼݕչɽMQ-)ѼՑ䁡ɔЁE5TȁՉͽͭ́ɔ̃ ܰQE5T)ɕѡȁɔȁȁՑ́5ݤMՑЁM䁡͕́Ё)ѼѼٽٕ5䁽ݸݡɔєѼѡMQ-)՝ѕȁٽչѕɕɽЁeѠḾY聡輽ei)ȁѡȁѡ́Ёх՝Ёȁ)Ѽ今