QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 83 - Page 22

Daily cuppa gets superfood boost T EA LOVERS CAN now swap their regular brew for the UK’s first sea buckthorn variety. Food and drink scientists from QMU have teamed up with eteaket, one the UK’s leading artisan tea companies, to produce the only fruity tea blend of its kind, which packs a healthy punch. Sea buckthorn, which grows wild along Scotland’s coastline, contains an array of unique vitamins, minerals and bio-active substances that are not found in standard tea. Despite having been widely used as a healthy ingredient in juices and jams already, this is the first time that sea buckthorn berries have been used to make tea. Experts from the Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation at QMU have helped eteaket to produce this punchy new flavour by blending dried cranberries and sea buckthorn berries with the mellow hibiscus flower. With a strong research background in supporting the development و[8&\™[[\[\\]XZ]Y[YYYSUH\HXY[ZX\\]HY\[[ۛYH܈][[Z\]œX Z\X[HZ] \[\][Y[X[Y\]SUKZY8'x&\H\HYš]H\ܝY]XZ][][\[\]YBXHXܛ\Y]HوXHX\] 'Hܚ[]\[\\ZH]XZ] SUx&\\[H܈][Y[[[ݘ][ۈ\[[[[8&\œ][ۈ\HXY\[[[š[ݘ][ۈ[]\H[\ܝ[X\ŒSVSH ۛYH^[BHؘ[X\]܈X[H[[[ۘ[ 'YXX[[ݘ][ۈ\ܝ[ܙX]]H\[\][ۜSUH\[[”[8&\XY[[[\[\\]][[ݘ]]HX][Y[[[[\\\[\H][Y[قXY[YH[[ۘ[ X[[[[œX[[ܙYY[[ܛ][][ۈق^\[X˸'B\XH[ܙHH]XZ] YY8'x&\Bۜ[H[[ݘ]H]\XK[^\X\[܈H]\Z\[ۙ\[[ܙYY[ ]\X[][ۜ˜[][X\]Y\˂HXܘ][ۈ[YHX]\H\[ق[]X[\X\\YY]ۈXHXܛ\HHSUx&\\[H܈][Y[[[ݘ][ۋX\˜[Y]YYXYH\HZXH[TB]K\[Y\]H][YX[ܜܘ][H\\\\K]XZ]8&\]XHXܛ[\˜]Z[XH]]Y\XY]XHH[Y[\ \H][X]\\\ۙHق]]ˈ˙]XZ] ˝Z œXKXXܛ8d'ۈH]Y\܈H\[]H][ܙYY[܈HXH[ H[YHSUHXBXܛ[[ۈ[\\ܛ\ X\\[[[\\[\]]H[ B[]XHXܛ\ܙX]Hݙ\Y[\\و]X[[Y]]][ۘ[\Y\[[\]YH]\ܚ[˜[ۙYHSUH[Hܛ\ HH]H\[]H\XHXܛ[\\\H[[ 'B]XZ]\HY[X\وHSUHXBXܛ[[ۈ[\\ܛ\ Bܛ\و\[Y\\]\[ M[XH]Y[X\XYB[ܙH[ܛYYX]H]][ۘ[\Y\›و\XHXܛ\[\]YB\\\\[X[X\™][]X۝Z[[HXBXܛX^[Z\HX\]ܝ[]Y\XYH[ܙH\]]]H[[\]B[ܙH[\[Z\[Hٚ[H[[\[[وHX[[Y]وB\K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX]H\[H܈][Y[ [ݘ][ۋSUx&\\X\ ۛYH^[B][Y[[] [][[Y][\\[\۝XSUx&\Z\X[HZ] \[\][Y[X[Y\ LH  NTZ] []KX˝Z•Έ˜[]KX˝Z