QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 83 - Page 19

Students provide specialist foot care at Calais migrant camps E ARLIER IN THE year, two podiatry students from QMU travelled to Calais to provide much needed healthcare support for migrants in the refugee camp known as ‘The Jungle’. The students who are studying the BSc Podiatry degree volunteered to provide specialist foot care for many of the migrants who had travelled thousands of miles to reach the infamous camp in France. They then returned months later to assist refugees after The Jungle camp had been dispersed with smaller camps forming all over Calais. Danielle Knox, aged 25 and Christine McSweeney aged 42, both from Stirling, were keen to put politics aside and just do something that would ease the suffering of the migrant population. “ Because of the conditions, people were presenting with trench foot and fungal infections. ” Christine said: “When watching the crisis on TV we could see that there was a human trail of people who had walked thousands of miles across many countries. So, when we saw the promotion asking for volunteers on the Foot Care project, it was obvious that we could offer our help. “The experience was a real eye opener. People were living in really awful conditions. It was freezing, wet