QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 83 - Page 12

Students create powerful film to support Leuchie House Respite Centre A GROUP OF MEDIA and film featuring a range of Leuchie people – students has used its creative guests, carers, staff and volunteers - which talent to promote one of would convey what we call ‘the Leuchie Scotland’s most respected respite effect,’ the positive impact of a break at care facilities. Leuchie, which lasts long after guests leave. The 2nd year students created a series of short promotional films which capture “The students were great to work with. the spirit of Leuchie House national respite They interpreted the brief extremely well centre in North Berwick for people living and managed to put everyone they filmed with long term conditions such as multiple at ease. The students were professional sclerosis, Huntington's, Parkinson's, and very sensitive to the needs of our cerebral palsy and the effects of stroke. guests and their carers. They used their approachable and down to earth manner The project was part of a media module very skillfully to encourage people to ‘Working in the Media’ in which groups of engage in the filming process.” students work with small local businesses, social enterprises or charities to develop The team of four 2nd year film and media an agreed media product such as a short students who created the new short film promotional film, marketing materials or a were Louise Nicolson, Calum Beveridge, social media campaign. Mai Phnong Dang Thi and Rebeka Papp. The series of films captures interviews Louise explained: “Our course module with people who have benefited from a ‘Working in the Media’ presented us with much needed respite break at Leuchie a wonderful opportunity to put the skills House, which is located in an impressive and knowledge that we are learning on country house just outside North Berwick. our degree course into practice on a live project. The respite care centre, an independent charity, offers specialist nursing care “We totally fell in love with Leuchie House. facilities for people who are experiencing It’s such a unique place and it was a real serious degenerative health conditions. joy to work with the staff and the clients. Importantly, it provides a holiday, in a Meeting and working with the guests was beautiful part of the country, for people the best bit. It was great to see the positive who experience long term health issues effect that Leuchie House had on people.” as well as their carers. Mai Phnong Dang Thi stated: “We Lorraine Hunter, Marketing and wanted our film to capture the ‘Leuchie Communications Officer for Leuchie effect’ – basically how people benefited House, explained: “For many people with from their positive experience of Leuchie enduring medical conditions, a period House. The facility really has something away from home can be a lifeline, but special and by encouraging the clients the thought of being away from familiar to open up and share their stories, it surroundings for the first time when having was clear to see how much they had specific health needs, can be daunting. been affected by their time at Leuchie. Despite the challenges that they faced, “We wanted a series of video clips 14 QMYOU /Creativity & Culture guests were relaxed, positive and happy. It took them out of their normal lives and transported them to a safe beautiful place where they could re-energise and enjoy themselves.” Lorraine Hunter confirmed: “The video clips will be a very useful addition to the resources on our website, helping people understand what Leuchie House is all about and how a break here could make a real difference to them. As a charity, funding a professional video shoot would be outwith our budget, so we are extremely grateful to QMU for providing us with such a useful promotional tool. It’s a great way to convey real life experiences of all kinds of aspects of life at Leuchie House.” Denny Collie, Lecturer in Creative Enterprise at QMU, said: “We are very proud of this student group and the way they conducted themselves throughout the project. They were incredibly professional, handled the project with the sensitivity it deserved, and showed a real passion for the project. This passion and care is clearly demonstrated in the final film. “We are also pleased that our ‘Working in the Media’ module is proving to be a such a hit with local charities, social enterprises and small businesses in East Lothian and Edinburgh. It is an excellent way for the University to engage with community groups and for our students to gain hands on practical experience in film and media and develop their communication and group work skills whilst building their work portfolio. It’s a win win situation for all involved.” View the Leuchie people interviews at: http://www.leuchiehouse.org.uk/respite- breaks/leuchie-people ❒