QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 82 - Page 32

Entrepreneurial student is bubbling with enthusiasm T he philosophy of embedding entrepreneurship into the student mind set is certainly having an impact at QMU. The University is noticing a rise in the number of students who are getting their businesses up and running before they even reach graduation. QMU has been keen to encourage students to view entrepreneurship as first destination career choice, and one business management student who has put all hands to the pumps to kick start his own business is Bradley Aitchison. Bradley, from Duns, is making the most of Scotland’s growing love of hot tubs by developing a new online retail business. In 2016, the young student aims to grow his business into a one-stop-shop for everything associated with hot tubs, stocking the latest spa chemicals, accessories, and building upon the hot tub sales and servicing functions that are already on offer. things you might not know about QMU If you want to create an indulgent space to relax at home find out more about Bradley’s Eyemouth based company at: http://www.luxespa.co.uk/ ❒ • 9 4.4% of QMU graduates find employment or go on to further training within six months of graduation (HESA statistics 2015). The average Scottish HE graduate employment rate of 9 4.1%. DATES for your diary Event: Scotland’s Foodscape, a timely and tasty symposium about the significance of food in Scotland. Details: a collaboration between QMU’s MSc programme in Gastronomy and Italy’s University of Gastronomic Sciences, this event consists of two days of lectures and presentations, practical workshops, discussion groups, performances, and exchange. As part of a series of international events on gastronomy, it will play a role in shaping food innovations around the world. When: 26 – 27 April 2016 Where: Summerhall, Edinburgh Event: QMU Costume Showcase 2016 Details: This event will feature an array of costumes created and modelled by QMU Performing Arts students. The breadth of work will reflect the Costume Design and Construction students’ portfolio, with the supporting exhibition featuring illustrations of costumes, masks and millinery. When: Friday 13th May 2016, 2pm and 7pm Where: The Pleasance Theatre Hall Tickets: www.eventbrite.co.uk Event: The Annual Pembrey Lecture Professor Jan Dewing, Sue Pembrey Chair in Nursing Details: Professor Jan Dewing has an international reputation for expertise in person-centred care, practice development and gerontological practice including care of people living with dementia. The university is honoured to host this first annual lecture in the presence of Sue Pembrey's family. This will also be Professor Dewing's inaugural lecture at QMU. 32 QMYOU / Graduate News When: Q͑Ѡ)չԸ(ظ)]ɔ!1ɔQɔE5T) Ʌ )ٕ胊aAɅѥ ɕ(ۊd)UѡѡɍѕɔAɅѥ)AѕɹɅѥٕЁѡ)Սѥѡհݽɭ)хQ́ɕݥɽ٥͔)ɽͥ́ѡȁѡɔх)ݥѠѡչѼɸɽͽ)ѡЁՕѥ͔́)ͽ́͡ɽQ)ɕݥ͡ɔᅵ́)ɅѥѡɔɅ)ѥ́ѼչѠѡȁٕ́)Ʌѥٕи)]ձɕā՝Ёչѥɹ)MѕȰɔɕݽɭ̀͡)՝Ѐ)]ɔE5T ĀUT)IɅѥɕхܸ)ŵԹլɅѥؽձи)Ѵ)=ɝ͕Aɽͽȁ ɕ5 ɵ)聉ɵŵԹլAɽͽ))ݥ聩ݥŵԹլ٥ͥ)9ͥE5T)ٕE5WéUɝɅՅє=))х聅չѼЁ)չɝɅՅє͕̰Ёх)Ց̰٥܁ѡ́ѥ̸)]Ѡ՝ЁѠMѕ()]ɔE5T ĀUT)ѡȁ%ɵѥܹŵԹլ)=ɝ͕5ɭѥ$) չѥ́=E5T+ٕȀؔE5TՑ́ɔ)ѕɹѥɽͥѡ)U,+́ԁЁ܁)ѝɅՅєՑɽɅ) ̸ͥ+́ ͥ́%مѥi)ѼЁѡٕЁ)ɅՅєɕɕ͡+́ ɕ́光)ѕݡ́ ɕ́)1͕٥ѼE5TɅՅѕ̸+́ͥЁɅ)͍̰͡ͅɥ̰݅ɑ)ѕɹ́͡Ѽ́Ց́Ѽ)Ёѡȁٕи+ȁ́Ё4́єȁ́)ɽ䁥ѡU,+́ ́ԁȁ́ԁЁ)Iͽѥ ɔݡ)͕́ɽ٥)Ʌȁɝͅѥ)Ս́Ց͵͕٥+ȁ́Ʌ)ɍ͕ȁ٥́٥ѡ)Mѥ͠ ɔȁ)ٕЁ%مѥѼ)ɥM5̸+́́ԁ́)ՍѥɅՅєݡ)ݽɭݥѠѡձȁQXͽ)!彅̸(