QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 82 - Page 27

Vice-Chancellor’s Fund helps QMU student join Study China Program A FIRST YEAR FILM and Media student from QMU has fulfilled a lifetime dream to study in the Far East, thanks to support from the University’s Vice- Chancellor’s Fund. Neil McLeod applied to the Vice- Chancellor’s Fund to help finance his travel and living costs, as part of the Study China Program.  His successful application to the Fund allowed him to study Chinese history and culture, as well as learn Mandarin, in Shanghai during the summer of 2015. Set up by QMU’s Principal and Vice- Chancellor, Professor Petra Wend, and funded solely by generous donations, the annual award of up to £500 per applicant, aims to fund travel, either wholly or in part for suitable overseas academic, professional or vocational initiatives. Commenting on his successful application and experience, Neil McLeod, said: “Studying in Shanghai was an incredible opportunity that has helped enhance my learning. I would never have been able to fund my time with the Study China Programme without the support of the Vice Chancellor’s Fund.” As with all beneficiaries of the Vice- Chancellor’s Fund, Neil was required to produce an evaluation report of his studies, outlining how the experience benefitted him personally and academically, and QMU as a whole. Neil has shared his study experience in Shanghai through an online blog: http://neilstudieschina.tumblr.com Some of the awards that have been made by the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund in the past have been to support a range of activities, including fieldwork for a research project and Masters dissertations, professional placements, attendance at international conferences and summer schools, as well as visits to overseas universities for collaborative research purposes. Such projects actively benefit QMU, the wider community and have led to publishable papers. Students at the Dovecot Studios I N NOVEMBER, OVER 20 students from QMU celebrated  their 2015 scholarship and awards success at a special event in Edinburgh’s Dovecot Studios. The occasion showcased the QMU scholars and award winners of 2015, including students who were supported by individual donors and organisations including Santander Universities, Alzheimer Scotland, Dakota Hotels, Ryder Cup bursary scheme, as well as by the University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Fund and Student Development Fund. The award-winning students were joined by the companies and individuals whose generous support has helped boost their academic experience and personal Students celebrate with QMU friends and supporters development, and made extraordinary student projects possible. Speech and Language Therapy student, Monia Molino, received the Carol Spragge Bursary, providing support for her master’s thesis which focuses on the links between children’s communication difficulties and social disadvantage. Monia commented: “The support I receive allows me to concentrate on my thesis without financial stress, which is of great importance to most students. Moreover, winning the bursary has made me more confident and conscious of my academic abilities.” Monia is passionate her area of study, former member of Carol Spragge, who the bursary. about as is staff, funds Monia concluded: “I am very grateful to Carol Spragge for giving me the opportunity to research this important specialist area, and to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of children.” Professor Petra Wend, QMU’s Principal, said: “The University is grateful for the continued support of organisations, individuals and QMU graduates, which greatly enhances the experience of those students who receive scholarships and awards. “Awards and scholarships like this enrich students’ academic experience, build their confidence, broaden their horizons and allow them make a real contribution to their field or to serving society’s needs.” ❒ If you are interested in supp 'FpFRf6R66V.( 2gVB6VRFPfVGW&RvR3) vW&P&RRsՔPFWfVV@Ww0#