QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 82 - Page 22

University project set to save the nation’s voices A team of voice care experts from QMU is set to save the nation’s voices with its pioneering technology after becoming a finalist in a top commercialisation competition. L ED BY QMU’S Dr Felix Schaeffler, the specialist team has devised a smartphone-assisted voice care service for iPhones and Android devices to help teachers, lecturers, call centre workers and other professional voice users look after their voices. 24 QMYOU / Health and Rehabilitation Increasing evidence shows that people who rely on their voices for work are at risk of developing voice problems. Time off work due to voice stress and strain costs the UK economy around £200 million each year. A voice problem can also have profound impact on a person’s everyday social interaction and well-being. Using their new smartphone-assisted voice care service, QMU researchers are now offering a quick way of identifying voice problems before they become serious enough to require medical treatment, as well as providing tailor-made advice on how people can protect their voice. The new service, ‘fitvoice’, allows regular voice monitoring via a smartphone app, including audio recordings and self-reports. The data is transmitted via the internet to a database which is accessible by voice coaches and therapists. They monitor vocal health of each individual client, supported by automatic acoustic analysis. Based on their analysis the experts then provide regular personal feedback and advice to professional voice users as to how to protect their voice or at what point to seek specialist medical care. QMU’s fitvoice project was announced as a finalist in the Social Enterprise category at the Converge Challenge Awards, which took place at the Barony Hall in Strathclyde on 29th September. Converge Challenge is Scotland’s premier commercialisation competition, which is open to staff and students from all Scottish universities and research institutes. The initiative is an award-winning beacon for entrep []\\ ݚY[H^H[قݙ\0L [\ \[\\[\œ\ܝ [Y[[ۈH]XHڙX [^YY\HSUx&\[\][ۘ[B[ۙY[X[]Y[KYX[[XYH\X\[KZY8'x&\B[YY]HXXYH[[و\œ\Y[\\]][ۈ܈\XH\B\XK'\Z[H\[ٙ\[ۘ[XB\\ܚYX][H[YXHܝ[ۙ\HXH؛[\ˈB]XH\XH\H[X[]HB]]H[\Xۈٙ\[ۘ[XH\\˜Xܛ\[\ٙ\[ۜ[\[\\]YۚYX[X[]Y\܈H[[H[\K܈^[\K']XHY\\H\[HX\]܈H۝[Y[[YܙXH\XH][[[H\\Y[وX\[[[H[]\Hو\ۘ[\YYXK]ٙ\[ۘ[XH\\[]Y[\XH\H[Z\\HZ[H][\˸'Bٙ\܈[[[ܘ[\]H[\[وSUKZY8'x&YZHۙܘ][]HYY\[\X[H܈Z\][[˜XY][Y[ˈ]XH\[^[[^[\HوSUx&\X[H[][\X\[]]][Hو[\ݚ[œ]X[]HوYK'[\[]\\۝[Y\H]BܙY۝وSUx&\]YKH^[[™[\[]\X[YXܛ\XX[œܘ[[Y\ܙX][\X\Y\ B\]]H[\X[X[[ݘ][۸'Kd