QMYOU Alumni Magazine Issue 82 - Page 21

ReBUILD – helping rebuild healthcare systems in countries recovering from conflict When countries are affected by conflict, health systems can break down and emergency assistance is often the main source of care. As recovery begins, so should the process of rebuilding health systems. However, in practice, not enough is known about the effectiveness of different approaches which help to rebuild and strengthen health systems. The ReBUILD Consortium, an international research partnership, is helping improve access to effective healthcare for poor communities. Through research into the financing of healthcare systems and human resources, the project aims to reduce the burden of healthcare costs in post- conflict countries. Staff from QMU’s Institute for Global Health and Development, lead the project in the UK with a team from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. The UK institutions work with research partners in Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Sarah Ssali, Senior Lecturer in Makerere University, Uganda, took part in the ReBUILD conference, which took place at QMU last autumn. She was joined from colleagues from Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Zimbabwe. ReBUILD is funded by the UK Department for International Development. www.rebuildconsortium.com QMYOU / Health and Rehabilitation 23